limit treasury

  • 2 treasury for king and vice

    1 treasury for dukes (they have robbers)

    8 treasuries in total, you can invite many players and arrive from wonder to wonder, lots of space

    There will be many more kingdoms, many more scattered treasures, many more fights, fun. and give the opportunity for any kingdoms with activated to win, since there would not be much distance between the kingdoms as there are limited treasuries.

    will it remain the same? if 700 players can enter a kingdom, they just have to go throwing the villages (it will be more uncomfortable)

    opened many more kingdoms, therefore the other kingdoms would have to attack and move more often.

    how would the game change? at the start of the game in nothing.

    in the middle /late game a lot, the kingdoms will have to attack other treasuries to obtain the treasures, it changes a lot to the current state of the game where, we all join the strongest and ready we win easily and without doing anything.

    its a suggestion gaul-idea

  • just think it encourages multiple wings.






    Then a reasonable number of treasures are moved to the main kingdom to give them a lead.

    That's how i'd expect things to actually go if we had your suggestion

  • i'd disagree here, i'd much rather we had the split we do now of 3-4 kingdoms going for the win.

    This means that roughly 25% of the playerbase will be on the winning team and who doesn't want to be on the winning team?

    Being "allied" or being in a wing of the winning team is not the same.

    I'm unsure how you get around larger groups of players allying together no matter how it's done.

    If you can find a suggestion which actually forces 7-8 different groups i'd be all for it. Although this seems to generally be the case on faster servers due to their being a much larger player base and more often people of other countries joining.

    I've seen some "best of the best" type servers on the other travian where 6-8 kingdoms whom won a server got invited to fight each other on a new server and got a special medal for participating.

    This is certainly possible here also i'd think.

  • mmm I think you do not understand, it is a change for the better, more kingdoms, more fight, more difficult to win a server.

    have you seen how a kingdom takes all the wonders of a server? I do

    A whole allied server to finish quickly, a whole server finds a single kingdom, believe me that if it is a change for the better

    open two or three kingdoms in a wonder, that they fight for it.

    He opened many kingdoms with the victory points close, closed, so that anyone could win.

  • Thank you for the suggestion TeutonicG

    So I understand it correctly, you want to limit each kingdom to 8 treasuries, in that way forcing other kingdoms to form and have more competition on the gameworlds.

    Is that correct?

    How do you see that affecting game play, do you see the issues that Bigheaded#EN mentions as drawbacks of this possible change?

    How would you avoid those issues?

  • correct, limit 8 treasuries per kingdom, 2 for each king and 1 for each duke (or however that kingdom wants)

    at the beginning of the game nothing will change.

    in mid-game / late yes, why? Basically don't open a kingdom with 50 treasuries and getting 70% of the map with all the wonders.

    Since the treasuries are limited to 8, a moderately small kingdom may approach the victory points, only 8 villages can have many treasuries, in this way there would be a maximum of treasuries, so in the late game kingdoms with treasures would be close to the victory like many others.

    This also gives the opportunity for other kingdoms to win, and that there are many more kingdoms.

    open more battles and not only wait for the wonder in the middle of the server's life, because it would be necessary to accumulate as much treasure as possible as soon as possible.

    Carrying a village with all treasuries costs a lot, climbing blacksmith and other buildings to the maximum, maximizing the troops, taking out the chiefs, and destroying everything so that the treasuries are made, it would take a long time, so this change is for mid-late game.

    In late-game, it did not open kingdoms with a lot of advantage, it does not matter that there are 800 people in a kingdom, by limiting the treasuries in late-game everyone would gain less the same victory points, so many kingdoms with treasures and the same villages with treasuries they would produce more less the same victory points.

    In late-game, it did not open kingdoms with a lot of advantage, it does not matter that there are 800 people in a kingdom, by limiting the treasuries in late-game everyone would gain less the same victory points, so many kingdoms with treasures and the same villages with treasuries they would produce more or less the same victory points.

    I opened more battles before the wonder to fill the treasuries, being a limited number of treasuries, it would be good to reach the maximum number of victory points as soon as possible, to generate the maximum victory points as soon as possible.

    there would be many more active, currently just wait for the wonder, send hammer and voila.

    suppose, 15 treasuries in each village x 8 = 120, which you can get the victory points of = 240k treasures.

    240k of treasures is not little, it is a lot to tell the truth, but it would not increase the advantage of the first kingdom, something that for so many years people have been complaining and with good reason, it is not funny to fight 5 against 800.

    limiting the treasuries makes many of the kingdoms are closer to victory and that a single kingdom does not eat the server.

    it's a suggestion

  • Although time flies, we don't forget the suggestions we get.

    We keep going back to some and study them as time allows, as for example this one you proposed TeutonicG, for which we are very grateful.

    We have not found a way to implement something like this without damaging smaller players.

    Once you force limit the size of a Kingdom, then we have the issue that smaller or new players will find themselves without any Kingdom willing to have them. They will like to use the space they have for proven veteran players that in the opinion of the King or Duques "add more value" to the Kingdom.

    And mostly we find that Kingdoms will just have wings that help them one way or the other, so the end goal of creating more competitiveness would not be achieved as such.

    This does not mean we would not like to see more Kingdoms per game world and more competitiveness, we just feel this would not achieve that. goal for those reasons.