the trapper

  • Good afternoon. The trapper must catch the troops according to the consumption of their grain. A trap can't be a target. And you can build more than one of them. This does not give the farm horses. This introduces an imbalance. No one wants to touch the Gauls. And this is more than 40% of all players.

  • Thank you for showing your concerns ZloDeySan

    I am trying to understand what is the issue.

    What introduces an imbalance?

    Do you mean that Gauls are too OverPowered in early game as they protect themselves with the traps so it is not worth attacking them?

  • I think he wants trapped beasts and trapped troops to consume the crops of the village where they were caught.

  • Ok, so what you want to do is to change the capacity of the traps to match the crop consumption of each troop, is that right?

  • he wants it because he attacked the Gauls in a test and we kept building the trap because he attacked tiny players with thousands of horses even if he couldn’t rob him. his insane attack is why he wants to adjust the rule to his imagination so that he does not fall short.

    i think everyone plays the way he likes and wants and that’s okay, we also thought it was a game that he ruined for pleasure without any logic. he was a gall too but the most aggressive and cruel man.

  • That's right, you say. when attacking an EMPTY village with horses, the losses are too large. This forces the player to attack ONLY with walking units. This is obviously not correct. The attack loses the effect of speed. Do you want to farm a gaul? forget about the horses

    PS I'm talking about farming, not a full attack.

  • Please don't take away the one use the trapper has. It is quite literally the most useless unique building in the game by a long shot.

    This forces the player to attack ONLY with walking units.

    It doesn't force you to do anything. This is a solution to the problem that is better than just attacking the village with just cavalry. There are other better solutions like just don't attack the gaul that only builds traps, or cat them to the point where they just give up on the server then you can farm them all you want.

    Figuring out who is a good farm and who isn't is a part of the game. You don't need to farm to succeed in this game, but it can certainly accelerate success if done correctly, and people have managed to succeed even with traps being the way they are right now. Would this change help anyone become more successful in farming? I don't think so. If anything it might make people realize that the trapper is actually useless, and it will make people just stack up phalanxes in their robber hideout instead and then send them home to wall any incoming raiders, which is a much much better strategy if you want to avoid getting farmed.

    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • Well, in general the trapper is only good for the beginning of the game worlds.

    The rest of the game world they are of no consequence.

    Taking away that early benefit to the Gauls leaves them in huge disadvantage.

    So I believe right now the best thing is just to scout before raiding Gauls in early game.

  • I'd wish they got rid of trappers and give them a better building. The trapper is so much worse than the other tribe unique buildings.

    I do agree with that...

    Why is it that all the other tribes have special buildings that are useful throughout the server while the Gaul has a special building that is useful for maybe 3-4 weeks.......terrible design.

  • Gauls are best suited for new players.Tribe that is easy to play.Ppl who just started the game starts with them. Untill they start understanding the game they will have another way of protecting them self.As you said for unique building late game gauls have the worst but for starter it's the best there have to be a balance.The only real building that they can have instead of Trapper that suits them is Deffendery or idk what you can call it :D that works like brewery but instead of increase Attack to give them increase Deffence.After all they are more deffencive type of Tribe

  • Why is it that all the other tribes have special buildings that are useful throughout the server while the Gaul has a special building that is useful for maybe 3-4 weeks.......terrible design.

    Well, no, brewery and horse drinking trough are not really useful early game and reach their peak strength in mid to late.

    Also, especially for casual players, trappers are still a bit useful later on, as raider-deterrant. If you (re)build traps regularily, the chance of someone raiding you at night while you are asleep certainly is a lot lower - because you cannot reduce your losses against traps. You may have a night dual or sitter or are the night dual yourself, so for you maybe it's not useful, but for many others it is.

    Gauls is the tribe for casuals/beginners. Super easy to play on a beginner to casual level (trappers, fast def, haeduans as robber/def hybrid, two good deffqueues per village, bigger crannies, ...). So a building that fits mainly that player group well is very suitable for the tribe itself, imo.

    (Of course you can play gauls tryhard too, they sure are no bad def tribe with their allrounder-phalanges and superspeed horses. I did not say, that all gauls are casuals or beginners - just to avoid misunderstandings.)