• I’m intrigued by this new travian, I played 10 years ago last when forums were super popular. This is all different and forums seem less popular, how do you all communicate and get to know each other and start drama between each other now?

  • If you look at the top, you have different links, one of them is the official Discord.

    If you clic on it you can go there and participate.

    But, we do as well have the forum and in game there are chat channels.

    Many of the kingdom's communication goes through that media, the in game chats.

    So it is normal that in Kingdoms the forum is not use as much as it was in other games since the in game chat covers many of the needs of the Kingdoms.

    But we are happy to have anyone participating here in the forum, helping shape the future of Kingdoms with ideas and opinions as well as sharing battle reports and the like in the embassy areas:


  • Thank you Unkown! I wish I could get into the T4 forums that were closed to reconnect with my friends there and bring them back. I had a lot of their contacts saved there. But I understand if that is lost. I’m excited to be here :)

  • Oh! Also unkown (I’m sorry if double posting isn’t allowed, I’m still learning new forums. I used to be a forum mod and then forum admin for the old T4 US game and forums) can there be a subsection for user guides in the forums? I was given some very helpful ones and it may help new players stay longer and join the community if they can be linked to good beginners and other guides from the forums or see them here or from discord too. Thanks again for your help and I hope I’m not a bother. :)

    Edit: ok I found edit. I clicked on all the top right buttons and none send to travian kingdoms discord. It’s wiiki, forum, notes?, sound, ?, and profile before logout. Should I be looking on the left?