Unremovable reports

  • So I was wondering why is there not a way for us to delete those report, which are stuck on the top of reports? Why are we not able to get rid of them? Like yea, I'm thankful for the information that my units were released from someones traps or that my village moved via menhir, but I don't need to see that the whole freacking server. Why would I care about that after I seen it once? There is no limit to these messages, and when my sitter checks some reports before me, I need to scroll through 2 pages of those reports to get to that report which I want to see... Like yea, I can sort my reports, but why would I need to do that? Just give us some sort of delete button, or something like this...

    Example of those reports

    Screenshot by Lightshot

  • Thank you for reporting it.

    Please send a ticket to the help center for them to investigate it.

    it is the best way to get help for this type of issues.

    You can send a ticket from inside your own avatar.