Stolen treasures to stolen goods

  • What if your king collects those treasures, then you attack your king and get 10% of the treasures as stolen goods again? You can just repeat this for an incredibly high amount of resources each and every time. In other words, this would be exploited a lot.

    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • this idea is good for the stolen tresures but if it's aplyed you need to add (you cannot raid kingdom members at all) basicly atm you can raid kingdom members for 4hours of there daily production and it need to be change to non.this way you wont be able to steal tresures from your own king :)

  • Idea sound nice for a short time.

    At the beginning no big influence, but mid/end game?

    If your offer kill a treasury deff, and you go and take lets say a medium ammount of 2000 Treasurs, you want to get 10% so 200 Treasurs to turn in.

    Thats so much free Stuff you would need to be top10 raider to get it. But maybe easy way to break the game again.