Changelog v0.101 - Horn of the Natars and attack limits

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    Dear players,

    From Tuesday, 7th September onwards, all-new game rounds will start with the game version 0.101. The first live world will be com3x3 which will start at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC+2) that day.


    All Horn of the Natars will be more valuable. Now, it will grant an attack bonus against Natars in Wonders of the Worlds, Natars in their villages, robber hideouts, and robber camps, as well as wild animals in oases. Domesticated animals in villages are excluded. The combat simulator has been adjusted accordingly.


    We have increased the limits, and excluded reinforcements and settling from the 50 outgoing attacks limit.

    • Limit of 2,000 outgoing attacks per player (including reinforcements)
    • Limit of 50 outgoing attacks on the same target (excluding reinforcements)

    Example: If you attack all your targets with a maximum of 50 outgoing attacks on the same target, you can attack up to 40 targets simultaneously, no matter which of your villages the attacks are sent from. 40 times 50 attacks equal 2,000 outgoing attacks per player at the same time. We hope this example makes it easier for you to understand and makes it less complicated. 8o

    We say target because this includes other players' villages and NPC targets like Natarian villages and oases.


    • Premium features: “Finish Now,” “NPC Trader,” and “Instant Delivery” will be disabled during vacation.
      • Greyed out buttons with tooltip texts.
      • Locks on hero items in inventory.
      • The free 5-minute “Finish Now” will stay enabled.
    • Oases: As soon as you initiate vacation mode:
      • All assigned oases will be given up.
      • Reinforcing troops in any oasis will automatically come home.
      • Oases cannot be assigned during the vacation phase of vacation mode.
      • Adjusted in-game help text

    The vacation phase does not include the boost phase after coming back from vacation. As soon as the boost phase starts, oases can be annexed again.


    • Beginners' Protection: New warning when you reach a population of 200 so that you don't drop out of beginner's protection by accident.
    • End Game: New end screen during the final calculations and improved end game behavior in general.
    • Rally Point: Improved starvation for standing troops when crop delivery arrives at the last second.


    • Sieges: Sieges sometimes arrived 1 second too late. This is fixed now.
    • Fixed an issue that caused wrongly displayed arrival times when defensive and offensive troops arrived at the exact second.
    • Sometimes, all hero items were disabled after a page refresh. This is fixed in this game version.
    • Conquering: Sometimes, when two chief attacks arrived simultaneously, the loyalty didn't get reduced as much as it should. This has now been fixed.
    • Tutorial: When entering an empty space in the troop selection field, you got stuck in the tutorial. Now, you won't get stuck, but you have to enter a valid number.
    • Sometimes, the order of some reports got jumbled after relocating. This has now been fixed.
    • When your hero was revived after the home village was conquered, they came to life in that conquered village. We've changed that so if this happens, the hero will be revived in their capital village.
    • Vacation mode: If troops of other players are stationed in your village when you enter vacation mode, these troops are sent back, but they still consumed your crops. This is fixed now and will eat the crops in their village.
    • Other more minor bug fixes and performance improvements have been made.


    • We set a cap for duke start bonusses for each resource type
    • If a king abdicates and becomes duke while collecting tributes, no resource will be added to their tributes.

    Will these attack limits change your play style? Or won't this affect you at all, and you're just looking forward to getting a Horn of the Natars? Leave a reply and let us know.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


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  • Only thing I do not agree with is the 2000 outgoing limit if I understand it correctly it is only 2000 attacks per account no matter what city they are sent from. That limits active people. I understand what you are trying to do but this only affects active people.

  • Dear players,

    Thanks to the feedback around the current test round, we were able to include the bellow mentioned bug fixes in the new game version.


    • We set a cap for duke start bonusses for each resource type
    • If a king abdicates and becomes duke while collecting tributes, no resource will be added to their tributes.

    Your Tavian Kingdoms team

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  • it kills active play style not only change it, do you hate active people that much so you punish them.

    I don't think it kills active players at all... it equalizes players with multiple armies with players with single bigger armies.

    Before this change, com3 raiding was being dominated by one player raiding with EI from all his villages... now it is a more even spread of raiders.. I think the 20 players in top raiders from rank 2 to rank 21 would be counted as active.. but they just did not have a chance

    On com3 it is easy to get above 999 raids... it is very hard to maintain above 1500