Top raider statistics

  • Just a suggestion how about at the end of the server there is a statistic that shows how much was raided for the whole server. That information is already collected each week so it will just be compiled at the end of the server. Not a top raider statistics during the game only at the end of the server.

    Would just be cool to see how much resc the top raider raids at the end of the server total

  • Thanks for the idea Asdshadow

    So what is exactly what you want to see, a global statistic where you can see how much in total have all players raided?

    Or is it the data of how much did you raid during the whole server personally?

    Is it as well the possibility to know how much has absolutely every single player raided?

  • So there would be a global statistic to show how much every single player raided. But only after the server is done. And possibly the same way that the hall of fame has top 3 heroes and top 3 attackers it will have top 3 raiders.

  • Thank you very much, so you mean that each player would have it's own statistics plus everyone would be able to see the TOP3 raiders.

    Is that correct?

    What do you all feel about that possibility?

    How do you think it would affect the game?

    Would it benefit overall or may be there are some potential issues?

  • Yes that is what I mean. I think having that could not have any big impact in the game it is more of something that would be nice to see. Probably it could be a motivating factor. Same way some players try to be top attacker or have the top hero they will try and be top raider also

  • Interesting, thank you.

    Yes, I see your point, it would be a huge motivational factor.

    Would it help newer smaller players? Or would it put them under more strain and preasure?

    What does everyone else think about it?

  • It might be just me but I think that newer players would have a new goal to work towards. And I just thought of another way it would help players especially the newer ones. At the end of the server they will see where they rank in raiding for the whole server. That way they can tell how much they might need to improve to reach the top players or if they are already doing ok.

  • Yes, that is a way it could be beneficial.

    What about big players attacking even harder and more smaller players to go up that ranking?

    Could that be an issue for newer players that could become over-comed by all the raiding to go up the ranking?