• When we currently point our cursor at the hero health bar

    the details shared our as follows :

    " Hero health is a so and so % - hero has 30% regen/day + So/so% regen/day (Equipment)"

    All i would request the team is to add a small info more just one more line

    " Hero will be fully healed by XX-XX-XX time "

    That's all , not much to ask so i hope this can be something we can see implemented soon .

    Hope to hear from the other to follow me abt your view abt this small change :D

  • Sorry for the late reply AinsOoalGown#EN, there has been other things around that took preference and I fallen behind answering some of these.

    The team has discuss your request (I must admit a while back and I apologise for the delay) and the issue is that it works the way it does on purpose. A number would confuse more than help, because every time you change an item or use an ointment or depending how much Health you are losing in an adventure etc...

    All that contributes to change that number, or time frame.

    So for those reasons we are not planning on implementing a change to how it works now.