What is the origin of your nick?

  • Yes, this is something that I always think about.

    We know each other for our nicks, but, what does our nick tell about us?

    Where does it come from?

    Mine is a funny story... I am not very creative, so I found myself in a tight spot a long time ago now.

    I started working in a hardware manufacturing company that made graphic adaptors for PCs to play games. If any really old timers are around you may remember 3dfx, with the famous (at the time) Voodoo range of graphic adaptors.

    Anyway, on my first day when the lunch time came up I was told that everyone had the custom of joining in a game on the company's LAN. The company used to get games something like a year before launch to test with the company's products and make sure there were no bugs or if there were, that we could fix them.

    That day we were going to play Unreal Tournament, a great shooter game! And I had to join and choose a nick... I though, o no, what do I choose?

    I don't know

    I don't know

    and kept telling myself, I don't know what nick to "present" myself with... first day nervousness, didn't want to make a bad impression, everyone in the server fighting each other in a free for all, directors and middle managers I didn't know yet were going to be there...

    By the time everyone was waiting for me, even the company's directors, I just developed the "I don't know" to "Unknown". gaul-cheerful

    I told you I am not very creative! ^^

    And I have been using it ever since. :)

    So, what is the story of yours?

    Where does it come from?

    Why do you use it?

  • At some point I was experimenting with building up croppers during vacation time as early in the game as possible to get the maximum benefit.

    During that time I stumbled on the wikipedia page of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, an early Roman Republic figure, who is said to have worked on his own small farm until an invasion prompted his fellow citizens to call for his leadership. He came from his plough to assume dictatorship but, upon achieving a swift victory, relinquished his power and its perquisites and returned to his farm.

    Since I mainly play Roman, then this character fitted perfectly with my motives of just growing my crops until my aid is needed.

    The current form of the nick, I just love the sound of.

  • Well maybe some will find this funny,

    Since I was a child I'm having this nickname people also in real life called me aleesh, however my real name is ''ali'',

    but it's start when my Mom decide to called me aleesh. I have to admit that in my childhood I was a naughty boy so my mother used to yell my name angrily when I broke a plate or a glass or even if I didn't go to bed early . She was stretching the letters of my name until it became pronunciation like aleesh. May her soul rest in peace.

    This nickname kind of stuck with me

    I loved it from a young age until people no longer call me by my real name ''ali'', also I use it on all social media networking sites & in real life.

    In travian only sometimes I change my avatar name to "skyline" or "To The Sky" and that becuse of the childhood dream that unfortunately did not come true.

    My dream was to become a pilot captain in order to fly to see the sky line,

    :: unfortunately not all that one wishes to be happened the winds sometimes run against our desires and wishes::

    When I matured and grewed up, I was convinced that I could not become a pilot due to the living conditions and economics conditions in my country . My passion shifted to the computer science. now at this moment, I see myself that I'm actually flying , but not in the sky, in the programming,

    so I am now preparing my master's degree in computer programming and I hope that I can land soon in peace.

  • Hæim = Home

    I've never used this nickname before I was prompted for a name when I made this account, and the thought behind it was that whenever I clicked on my own villages, I would always be going home :)

    You could actually say that I wasn't Hæim before I made this account ;)

    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • Mine originated from when i played WoW......I use to name all my characters Sacred "something" ....like my main character was SacredLegend.....and other characters like SacredLegacy, etc...

    Oddly its not the name i use continually in Travian though

  • Hello, I found a nickname what can represent my game style in this game. But I am not sure if it's allowed at all. Maybe I will play another server who know, and I will play as roman. So I though what nickname I will have as roman and I already found it :D

    I registered to com5 and it is allowed. I also self-reported for that, because I want to be sure that in the future I will not get ban for even one second for that.

    Let me explain what these two words mean.

    In the first word the letters and symbol are arranged so that they form a word that for me personally means "Surprisingly good or Annoyingly good" :D

    The second word means a player who bases his playing style on mechanical scaling, when he tries to accumulate as many cultural points as possible in all possible ways and build as many villages as possible.

    I hope that won't be a problem. :D