Resource-efficient way to Culture Points - Theorycrafting

  • I wanted to make some calculations which buildings and levels were the most efficient way to reach 500 Culture Point production per village, so that small celebrations would be as efficient as possible. My suggestion for Gauls is included in the below Spreadsheet tab 'Reference 'CP 500 / day' village'. For an intermediate goal 'Reference 'CP 400 / day' village' can also be used.

    Similarly also all the other buildings and levels and their efficiencies are listed out. They include both the initial cost of building the level, but also the long-term cost of increased population and therefore increased hourly crop-consumption. For example what is the 'cost / CP' at 7-days since building compared to 30-days of producing Culture Points.

    3rd tab compares resource and Culture Point efficiencies for small vs large celebrations.

    4th tab is calculations for Barracks and Smithy levels and upgrades, and especially for Phalanx. I would say those are mostly useful early in the game, and less important by mid-game (when you anyway want to have lvl 20 Smithy and upgrades). But allows you to be as efficient as possible, and for example train phalanxes from two villages with smaller initial investment rather than building lvl 20 Barracks right away only for phalanges.

    travian_kingdoms_buildings - Google Drive

    ps. I deliberately left out the formulas from that export, because I feel like many of you also enjoy Travian when it allows you to do these calculations on your own. Now you can still try yourself and have fun discovering and researching yourself into the numbers behind the game :)

    If someone feels I've focused on the wrong metrics, I would be more than happy to discuss and even argue about the numbers! I personally feel that's the best part of Travian, the constant optimization of numbers <3

  • The author sometimes makes mistakes in his calculations and conclusions.

    I guess he needs more time to research the game and its math.

    ...и разбавится кровь твоя водой, чтобы не чувствовать ни боли, ни усталости... и разорвут плоть твою корни деревьев и трав, чтоб быть единым с землёй... и выпотрошит душу твою жгучий ветер...

  • Added also an intermediate 'Reference 'CP 400 / day' village' goal. It can be reached already much earlier, with much less resources.

    This allows starting to keep small celebrations much earlier, while simultaneously upgrading both the resource production fields, and rest of the culture point buildings. Small celebrations with that 'CP 400 / day' is already instant res/CP efficacy of 50.83, which is more than good enough.

    It still makes sense to reach that 'CP 500 / day' later on, as it increases the efficacy to 40.66, but only after all the resource fields and factories have been maxed out.

    For the very early game, included the most efficient Culture Point Buildings and their max levels, where their 'sum of resources used in 7 days / culture points' stays below 200 resources.