Trick or Treat ?

  • I agree with Deutscha, it is not fun playing like this.

    The slow and lagging aside, my Troops and Hero are stuck in the return mode on 0. I tried everything, reset cache in browser, and logging in with different browser. Nothing help.

    The real Sad Part is that Support do not even answer my ticket requesting to solve the problem.

    We simply can not play like this

  • I already shared it on another thread, but for me things are a bit different from what you mention...

    Personally, me, I don't have issues either on Trick or Treat... what I do notice is that if for example I finish a building immediately, when it is 5 or less minutes is free, as you well know, it takes a while to update and show the next building on the queue been upgraded.

    But, the new upgrade doesn't start from 0, it is already a few seconds in. So it seems that in the server end, it does go as it should. It just takes a while for the browser to catch up.

    If I do refresh I get the same result, but it actually takes longer.

    This is just personal observation in my own avatars from Treat and Trick.

    Deutscha Aka#EN and P4R4N01C0#PT please note that the test game worlds is totally different and has it's own area of the forum where you can talk about it. As well you have the Help Center where you can inform of the issues from that game world. Please note that it been a test game world it has different base since we test new things on it, and it is expected that it can have issues. That is why we test new things there before bringing it live.

    Now back to the HaHu game worlds, we are still monitoring them and working to improve them.

    So far at least it is much better than it was... yes, not perfect, but I have full confidence we will get there.

  • I am talking about the Trick server.
    The server that constantly seems to be disconnected. We are a week out of 4 on a x5 server and we are still not able to play without constantly refreshing the browser (which doesn't work most of the time anyway). The troops and building queues still gets bugged (of course you have to say you are not experiencing any issues, you are on the "other side").

    This has nothing to do with "working perfectly" I gave up on that months ago. I will spend the rest of the golds and instruct those close to me to delete their accounts if there won't be any changes by Thursday this week. This is completely unacceptable, as a customer of yours I feel like I got a spit in the face.
    Taking money from us seems to always be ok and from the way, you are presenting the TK views on this, performing unsatisfying is ok as long as you get the money flow in.

    You haven't even thought about compensating those who are investing their money into the round that is unplayable since day 1. You haven't even considered resetting the round or actually doing anything else than writing, that your developers are monitoring the issues. I thought that the last months were the lowest this browser game can get, looks like this year's halloween rounds have managed to top it again.


  • cant agree with you Unknown , sorry
    F5 is still faster than to wait
    also F5 is needed before going on the map, if not, nothing is clickable for a longer time
    I guess the server will run like this until end
    and Travian learned again, that they can do it like this next time also, cause people are also play with this heavy issues
    my acc on treat is delted, on trick soon

  • Thank you for the extra info regarding the map Camelot.

    I agree with you that it is not perfect, but be assured that our intention is not to be left like this till the end, we are working on it and hope to find a solution sooner rather than latter.

  • Have deleted on treat, un-playable, impossible to enjoy a game that when you have to fight on forums to convince managers and devs that they have major problems. That Unknown can claim that he's finding virtually no difficulty whatsoever is baffling in the least and flying in the face of the overwhelming evidence of others.

  • I am glad to say that I have received several private messages from players telling me that it is now much better.

    I notice it better myself, but, could you please check now?

    I need you to check, and if you still have issues, please delete coockies and cache to ensure your browser sincronices with the game world, and then check again.

  • Much better than what? Anything would be much better than what was given to us as a server, that the huge problems that hit the server from the beginning and brushed aside as teething problems is a terrible indictment on the people that run the game.

  • constantly have to update chats (

    they didn’t do anything

    I am sorry to hear that... in my avatar I didn't have issues.

    Please, send a ticket to the help center for investigation, since I don't see any issue in my account it may be either localised to your system or to your account.

  • The game worlds are now over. :)

    To me at least the last few weeks it worked fine.

    Just as a reminder, when you have issues like that some times it helps to delete the cookies and cache of the browser you are using.

    That usually fixes most issues of synchronisation with the server.

    It is not something you have to do every day, just every so often.