Unable to loot/raid because of this feature

  • So me and my friend are sitting with each other accounts. But then the player I'm raiding has accepted a trade in market of my friend's account.

    And then I'm unable to loot him anymore, image:

    This is not my first time, anytime I play with my friend in other severs, that error really annoying me

    Could Travian team tell me how can I raid again? When is this useless feature dissapear so I can start raiding ? Instead of staying far away from the race ???

  • I know you would probably not abuse the system like that ^^, but there are some that would.

    Sending resources to an account from a "friendly" account and telling a friend when those resources hit so he/she can raid them would be abused.

    So this feature is there to protect from that abuse, like Jak well said. :)