50 Words of Winter

  • Old drunk Teuton Brewery employee said in drunken stupor:
    There is a legend of master spy that you cannot catch no matter how many scouts you have. He is like santa's little elf, always everywhere and the story goes like
    "In tribe summit where :chieftain-gauls: & :chief-teuton: & :senator: were talking about conquering :natarian-emperor: mountain.
    They suddenly heard a rustle from nearby bush and there were 1 master :birds-of-prey: spying on them .

    Their legion of intel officers :pathfinder: & :scout: & :equites-legati: tried to catch him but failed. It was if he had flied away.
    On the same day all the :elephant: had vanished from oases and appeared near ww's as :war-elephant: ."

    I know it is too many words but 50 is kinda limiting.

  • "WaaaaAAAAAAIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!..."-screamed the :chief-teuton: .

    "Nope!"-laughed the merchants.

    "But the resources are for the village next to that one! And you guys are still right here!!!!"

    While they headed towards the exit, not paying any attention, the village hero imagined many different ways to kill those lousy bastards!

  • "It was so nice meeting you guys. I´m gonna miss everyone. Now I´m really going! Byeeeee!!!...."

    Said the hero, blowing heart shaped kisses, while leaving for the third time.

    The villagers felt sad.

    "Don´t worry people!"-said the :chief-teuton: .-"She forgot to check the box, for heroes to officially change villages...again!"