Changelog v.103 – Menhir troop restrictions

  • Dear players,

    From Tuesday, 21st December onwards, all new game rounds will start with the game version 0.103. The first live world will be com2x3 which will start at 2:00 pm CET (UTC+1) that day.


    Players won't be able to relocate with a total troop consumption above 2,000, including own troops stationed somewhere else. Bear in mind that some things reduce crop consumption, like the Roman Horse Drinking Trough and troops stationed in the Wonder of the World.

    • If you'll get a relocation invite and have a total troop consumption of 1,800 or higher, you will see a warning in the invite in your embassy
    • If you then pass the limit of 2,000, the accept button will be greyed out
    • If you'll lose some troops again and go under the limit, you will be able to accept this invite

    This mechanic change is also explained in the in-game help > Village > Relocation

    Where can I find my troops’ crop consumption in-game?

    You can see your troops crop consumption in the top navigation under helmet icon. BUT: We also count in your troops that are reinforcing another player even if these troops are currently fed by that player and are not listed in the top navigation.

    And yes, as a king, you can still send an invite to another player, even if this player has already too many troops. Then, the above mentioned greyed out accept button will apply.

    The invited player will see a red warning note with an explanation.


    • Map: If there were 2 field messages active on the same field, they sometimes disturbed each other and couldn't be opened. This is now fixed.
    • Quests: The quests to complete 5 adventures or higher weren't shown anymore. This is now fixed.
    • Treasury level is now hidden in the DEV-tool of the browser
    • If buildings restricted to the capital village were in the building queue before changing the capital, they still got started to be build in the former capital. Even though they got stuck at level 0 and weren't able to be upgraded, we now remove them immediately from the building queue once the capital village changes.
    • If you conquered a village and with it met the requirements of some achievements, they weren't triggered immediately. Now, they do. (e.g. Village on a diet)
    • Town Hall: Celebrations were able to be started even if the town hall was still on level 0. This is not possible anymore.
    • Sometimes, shared reports couldn't be opened. This is fixed now.
    • Several smaller bug fixes like statistic calculation improvements

    And of course, these game rounds will also start with the winter theme until end of January. Take part in the ongoing winter contest 50 words of winter and give a reaction to your favorite stories

    Sharpen your swords and enjoy playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • what type of menhir restrictions would you add?

    Instead of finding the 10+ previous posts about it, i guess i make a list again?

    - Limit by pop ( we still don't know why it was removed after testing?)

    - Limit amount of times you can menhir

    - Limit on acc age

    - Limit on server age

    - Count queued troops to the crop consumption.

    - No menhir when city.

    - Remove troops+queues after menhir(?)

    - Limit 1 week? Or Tier 2?

    If you also want to reduce the friendly farming, there are more options. But for now let's reduce the amounts of 'friends'' menhiring over the map every few days.

  • Easy....

    ~ If a player is still in 7 day BP ...and falls below 200 pop ....they go back into BP again....that safeguards new players....while also preventing friendly farming for resource least until they take the time to get back to 200 pop......just more work for multis

    ~ Either limited number of menhirs ....or a cooldown after each menhir (X amount of days...or a cooldown that gets larger after each menhir)

    ~ If new registrations end after tier can menhirs.

  • what would a good amount of time be for you?

    when you say acc would you limit it? would new acc be able to use it and older ones not?

  • Amount of times you can menhir and limit by account age aren't the best solutions. It would only stop moving same players multiple times, could be dodged by just making new accounts that dont meet the limit.

    The ones that i think are most suitable are

    - Pop limit

    - Limit menhir after T2 spawns.

    - Wipe troops + queues after menhir.

    - Count troopqueues into the 2k crop consumption

    - No menhir when city (to prevent you can menhir with wall 20, ditch 20, barracks 20, stable 20, workshop 20... etc..)

    We still dont know why the pop limit test was undone.