Reducing the Need for External Tools

  • Should this suggestion be implemented and prioritized? 9

    1. Yes, it should be high priority too (4) 44%
    2. Yes, it should be low priority though (1) 11%
    3. No, there is no need for this (4) 44%
    4. Suggestion needs work before voting (0) 0%

    We see a lot of ideas mentioned on the forum, in discord, and in game. But after browsing the legends discord, I think there is a far more efficient way to get to the bottom of ideas and priorities. I wanted to start the same way of discussing suggestions that they have. Create a poll! I encourage others to post atomic ideas. Let's see what ideas have the most support and don't. Not just through text discussion, which is important. But through the polls too.

    Suggestion: Include the functionality of external tools that everyone uses (getter, kirilloid) in the game.

    Current behaviour: For a strategy game, I have to go to external tools to plan an operation against other kingdoms. I have to use external tools to calculate army size over a week or production of fields at certain levels.

    Suggested behaviour: Players should be able to do these things that they rely on external tools for in game.

    Benefits: It makes playing easier. It requires far less friction when player don't have to sign up for a separate service. The tools could be enhanced a ton given direct access to the backend (because they are part of it). Much better integration with roles in game. Reduces the risk of using illegal tools since external tools are not necessary. Updates are immediate. Data is guaranteed to reflect game data.

    Comments are open for discussion too.

  • I prefer a better API over integrated tools. Imagine having a tool idea and having to wait 4 years until it's implemented in the game, if it gets ever implemented.

    If TG still allows external tools, but also offers own tools, you can take the bet that 3rd party tools will ALWAYS outperform TG's tools by far. They provide the game, but don't play it to the same extend as many players (which in itself is fine imo), so they will probably never match the needs of the community and creativity of the toolmakers.

    Btw, Kingdoms offers an authentification for external tools (i.e. you can use your kingdoms avatar to login into the toolpage). Not all toolpages support it though.

    Also many tools don't require a login - several tools from Getter or myself for instance, and Kirill doesn't even have an login.

    Illegal tools wouldn't disappear when TG implements own tools btw. Unless TG implements a full bot into their own game. ;)

    And it's really not hard to stay in the legal area of tools, if you're a tooldev yourself.

  • I do like the idea very much leo#EN(19), thank you!

    What concerns me is that probably such a project would require an immense quantity to planning, coding, testing, etc time.

    Don't you think it would be a better option to use that time for game improvements, updates, changes, bugfixes, etc?

  • I do like the idea very much leo#EN(19), thank you!

    What concerns me is that probably such a project would require an immense quantity to planning, coding, testing, etc time.

    Don't you think it would be a better option to use that time for game improvements, updates, changes, bugfixes, etc?

    Getter has existed since at least T3. It could have been planned to be incorporated since then. It's up to Travian Games to decide what is important enough to spend time on. Your last line is a bit confusing. In my mind, this is a significant game improvement. And would be an update to the game. Perhaps you can clarify what you mean by that line.

    The point of the poll was to see if others agreed that it was important enough that TG prioritize it. I have like 5+ polls I'd like to create similar to this to see how the community felt about what should be prioritized but I wanted to see if they would be popular and it does not seem like people were interested enough.

  • Depends on the tools that is wanted to be included: Calculators I do not see the need for as I prefer people playing with their own gut feeling and not to be overly optimized in every possible way. Statistics or datamining are tricky and I feel that could use some more of those. For example, village/city growth during the past 24h would allow me to see who to scout for resources, but even better would be that this kind of information (village/city population) would be totally hidden to prevent the usage of automated "farm" finders. Villages already turn grey when they are inactive - for casual players it could be more fun if they do not find themselves on dozens of farming lists just because they were away for the weekend.

    Most of all, I would like to see some kind of battle planner built in to the game and the main reason why is the way they are used now. For the people who are using the app it is very hard to participate at same level as the people who play using computer. For example, I have never succeeded in sending 3 armies landing on same second using the app while using computer it is easy. Also, I have experienced "lag" of several seconds when using the app - seems that sometimes the application time is different than the game time. If there would be a planner that would have an option for automatic sending of troops to land at given time (if there are troops available) it would level the playing field for different platforms but also for activity levels of the players. The planner could be used by king/dukes/op-coordinator/player to share the plan, accept given plan or just time your own actions. And to not just create a "farmer bot" the automated actions on the list per player should be limited. I think that this wont be an easy thing to make happen but would be nr1 on my list of improvements required to the game.

    Another thing is sharing your troops to the royals/kingdom - now many kingdoms make it mandatory for people to update on regular intervals but for an app player this again means using the browser preferably on computer. I wouldn't think that similarly to who can see you online, you could limit who can see your troops. And to have a once a day updated page for people to browse the summarized information about troops cannot be too hard to code.