Card Game samping and difference between options and other stats

  • Hello everyone,

    6 years ago I did a cardgame sampling based on the pay 5 gold and get a card. After you do this it shows what other cards you could have gotten. I added all those to a sheet to figure out the balance between all cards. Curtain wanted to know if there was a difference between the Four out of Five and the Pick one Card.

    Well yesterday I decided to spend 1450 gold that I got for free in the test server to do some more research.

    I played till the gold was gone. One of the cards you can get is gold, so I could play a bunch more time and discovered that the average gold payout on cards is 10.

    This was my inventory at the end of the first round, when i didn't convert the silver yet.

    I sold all the items and converted the silver back to gold and repeated this process about 5 times before all my gold and silver was gone :D

    This is the data I got from 159 games of Pick 4 cards out of 5.

    Previous data from pay 5 gold for a random card

    And both data combined

    Conclusions about differences
    As you can see there are minor differences between the cards of "Four out of Five" and "pay 5 gold for a random'. The differences you can see are not significant enough to call results different. So my conclusion is that the cards-game is fair in terms of what you get with the 'pay 5 gold for a random'.

    The only MAYOR difference is that with Pick 4 out of 5 is that you can filter the worst valued card away. So for 20 gold you get the same amount of cards, but the end quality is significantly higher.

    So always choose this, but I'm sure this is no surprise :P

    Some other things I can conclude:

    -Resource/Crop Gold is drawn 2x less then silver and 4x less then bronze

    -Resource/Crop Gold (~2.5%)

    -Resource/Crop Silver (~5%)

    -Resource/Crop Bronze (~10%)

    -2 free cards (~5%)

    -Instafinish x2 (~6%)

    -Insta trade x3 (~7%)
    -You get an average of 10 gold if you draw a gold card (~5%)

    -You get an average of 1000 silver if you draw a silver card (~10%)

    -You get an average of 15 bandage upgrades if you draw that card (~5%)

    -Npc x1 and Npc x2 cards have an equal chance to be drawn (~3% each)

    -Each diamond card has the same chance to be drawn (~3% each)

    -Adventure point (~2.5%)

    -Extra Build space (~1%) perhaps even 0.5%

    Thanks for coming to my presentation,

    iribuya (Currently proud Triangles member)