[Feature Feedback II ] Fealty System explained

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    Dear players,

    please read the following thread first to understand the reason why we want to introduce this new feature:

    The Fealty System is for all members of kingdoms, not just for members of KUs. This is your call to have an impact on this feature. Share your opinion with us.


    In a nutshell:

    • Rewards players with bonuses for staying in the same kingdom
    • Fealty points:
      • The more days spent in the same kingdom, the more fealty points you'll get
      • The more fealty points you have, the higher the fealty level
    • Fealty Level:
      • The higher the fealty level, the stronger the bonuses
      • The higher the fealty level, the more bonuses you unlock
    • Fealty level retains when two kingdoms unite into a Kingdom Union
    • Fealty level resets when joining a new kingdom (back to 0 points)


    If a player is part of a kingdom, they start with level 1. Players can reach up to level 10 by staying in the same kingdom gaining Fealty Points.

    How to gain Fealty Points:

    • Players gain 100 * SPEED fealty points per day they are in a kingdom (all points given at midnight).
    • Travian Plus grants 50% extra fealty points per day
    • Only active players can get points. When a player is inactive or in vacation mode, they don't gain any points.

    Fealty Level thresholds:

    Level Points Total Points Active days on
    x1 Speed world
    Active days on
    x1 Speed + Travian Plus
    Active days on
    x3 Speed world
    Active days on
    x3 Speed + Travian Plus
    1 0 0 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day
    2 1,400 1,400 14 days 10 days 5 days 4 days
    3 1,400 2,800 28 days 19 days 10 days 7 days
    4 1,400 4,200 42 days 28 days 14 days 10 days
    5 1,400 5,600 56 days 38 days 19 days 13 days
    6 1,400 7,000 70 days 47 days 24 days 16 days
    7 1,400 8,400 84 days 56 days 28 days 19 days
    8 1,400 9,800 98 days 66 days 33 days 22 days
    9 1,400 11,200 112 days 75 days 38 days 25 days
    10 1,400 12,600 126 days 84 days 42 days 28 days
    • Active days if a player is part of the same kingdom from day 1 of playing. Half days count as 1 day.
    • Travian Plus calculated if activated for each day of a game round.
    • Any excess points from the previous level carry over into the next

    Daily Fealty Level Bonuses:

    Level Hero XP bonus Workshop training time Culture points/day Troop attack bonus Troop defense bonus Troop crop consumption
    1 +1% silent-fly silent-fly
    2 +2% -1% silent-fly
    3 +3% -2% +50 silent-fly
    4 +4% -3% +100 +1% silent-fly
    5 +5% -4% +150 +2% +2% silent-fly
    6 +6% -5% +200 +3% +3% -1%

    7 +7% -6% +250 +4% +4% -2%

    8 +8% -7% +300 +6% +6% -3%

    9 +9% -8% +350 +8% +8% -4%

    10 +10% -10% +400 +10% +10% -5%

    silent-fly= not included in this level

    The troop crop consumption reduction is included in the Production Overview window > Balance subtab

    Fealty Status

    • Active: You are part of a kingdom
    • Inactive: Vacation mode is currently active
    • None: You are not in a kingdom
    • Unavailable: As a consequence for abdication by
      • vice-kings for any abdication
      • kings for an abdication that results in the disbanding of a Kingdom Union
      • status permanent for the remainder of the game round

    When a duke abdicates, there is no consequence connected to the Fealty System.

    Now, it's your turn! What do you think of the Fealty System in general? What do you think about the levels, the points, the bonuses and the states? NOW is your opportunity to still influence this future feature.

    We are looking forward reading your feedback,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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  • I like this because it disincentivizes wings and allows for many other features to have stronger effect (ie kingdom limits). I worry these numbers are a bit OP for pre-mades and gold users.

    New players may not find a stable kingdom. They will now have even less chance (not that they had one before) of really competing.

    Plus is now a must. Sorry non-gold users.

    I also think your math is off in the "active days on x1 + plus" numbers. I haven't checked all the table.

    150 points per day (100 * 1 * 1.5). 12600 / 150 = 84. Each number in that column should just be 0.66 * the previous column.

  • Interesting step. Now i would like to see, when the kingdoms week ladders (attack, defense, robbers, builders) are recounted to the number of players in kingdom and players in the best 10 kingdoms of the week can get those points extra. Activity will be rewarded.

  • Walk me through how you see it changing the game. I'm not saying you're wrong. I think that's an important part of the feedback and if it helps the game, telling the story will help convince others.

    Not all players play the same way and I think this is clear and no one doubts it. I'll try to explain why I find this feature funny (?). Like achievements, for example, some don't care if they have them, others like to collect them. There are features in certain games that make players more motivated. I don't know if I'm being clear with what I'm trying to say. It's about motivation. I've given up on several servers because I'm bored, maybe the fact of having some "push", some motivation besides the rest, gives motivation to players who like me have been bored before.

    Again I say: my opinion is worth what is worth, and everyone has one. The decision on wich they share them or not is within them. :P

  • Premade organised teams will benefit the most from fealty. The new system will make changes to the way the game is played strategically both at kingdom and player level.

    Fealty system will affect greatly the use of wings to expand territory covered earlier in the server and it is likely players will demand being amalgamated much earlier in server into main kingdom. Since players in wings will lose fealty points when they join main kingdom. Everyone will want to join main kingdom as quickly as possible since to get level 10 fealty they have to be in that kingdom for 126 days. Fealty will add tremendous pressure on royalty(king/viceking/dukes) of main kingdom to do nothing but expand the number of villages and treasuries to cover all prospective kingdom players possibly at the expense of being able to build troops and fight/defend. All royalty players would have to be heavy gold users. I definitely would not like to be king/viceking and choosing the right player as king/viceking at the start of server is going to be an imperative.

    It may reduce overall the number of players in a kingdom in the endgame to be limited to around 100 which is a good move.

    I like the idea of gaining extra boosts to hero/culture/troopattack/troopdefence and especially workshop training and crop consumption. Overall I am in favour of the proposed changes.

  • Adding features that is way OP for Premium players. double effect on speed server. :thumbdown:

    Encourages sticking to a big meta (cause big meta has 0% chance to lose the KU and reset your point.) get ~8% more siege tools. and 10% more def/off. :thumbdown:

    Just like older Travian created Morale Malus for a fair game, but opposite. :)

  • Fealy system makes an interesting extra mechanic. Excited to learn and see it in action! :D

    Also, guys, stop complaining about multi's and start reporting. If they don't get a ban after you've given the multi-humter a heads up, they're not multi's, they're just good players. :)

    (Although, devs, please add p2p verify like text codes or something, it would really save a lot of the multi-hunters time and clear out a lot of multi-accts)

  • First initial thought are that it massively benefits bigger kingdoms and premades.

    I don't want to think about ww phase with these bonusses, lol.

    What if you had to have at least one village still in influence for it to count? This would also create more incentive to destroy treasures.

    Even then, I think it would be wiser to only include a subset of these bonuses. Or divide them all by like 5.

  • Do something about the clause 'player currently banned'. Set a time limit of 1 or 2 weeks and remove the villages afterwards or make farming/chiefing possible again. Now good spots remain unusable for the duration of the server for the active players because the villages are abandoned. You punish not only the spoiler, but also those who play fair.