What happens if..?

  • If you have 2 villages, delete every building in your capital through the main building untill theres nothing left.

    Will the village be deleted?

    What happens to the army build from there when the village gets deleted if you have them stationed at the other village?

  • Yes...you can delete you capital if you have 2 villages .....its a common tactic.
    Most players will do it early in the server after Menhir'ing.....since you cannot self destroy resource fields through main building.

    But, yes...if the only thing left is your main building...once destroyed the village will disappear.....any troops will disappear also regardless of where they are....If your hero is home in that village it will die....if you had any resources on transit to the new village they will disappear too.

  • No, village is deleted, when its population is 0, so all building or fields what gives population must be deleted (destroyed). Wall and crop fields does not have population till level 5. Last village cannot be deleted. Army from the deleted village is lost, forever.