Frozen 00:00:00 Attack

  • Hello there.

    I am experiencing a bug that is really annoying in my UI.

    I have one Attack that is frozen at 00:00:00.

    This troop was sent in a farming list quite a while ago.

    I have no information on what was the player status when the raid was sent but, well, here's a picture of what I'm saying.

    It says the attack was supposed to go for a village named Efes-4 from the player rei ufa.

    Although, as seen in the picture, rei ufa was deleted, and the village belongs to another player called Egemen.

    I cannot disband this troop, it stays there, at the gates of the target village, not attacking, not coming back.


    Please, help me solve this issue.

    Whether you sent this unit back, with or without attack, or delete it, I don't care, just normalize my UI.

    I can never see my next attack because of this one.


    Thank you.