Weapon Defense Bonus

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    Name of the weapon

    +n fighting strength for hero

    For every unit type: +x attack and +y defense

    I have a question regarding the units defense bonuses.

    Let's say I send my hero to defend a WW village.

    Along with him, from the same village, I send some troops that would benefit from the weapon bonus.

    Also, I send some troops of the same kind from other different villages.

    And also, other players from my kingdom send troops that would benefit from that weapon bonus.

    To which group of troops would the defense bonus apply, if any?

    Only to the troops from the Hero's hometown?

    All of my troops, no matter which village they came from?

    All of the troops of that kind, no matter the player?

    None of the above, the bonus is only applied in the hero's hometown?

  • So this means that the bonus is applied to the troops and not to the Hero.

    Cause this is also that the weapons description doesn't make clear.

    The Travian team should source this information somewhere!

    Anyway, thank you for you answer!

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    For example.

    Your hero has this equiped.

    Your spearfighthers and your friends spearfighters are both defending the wonder.

    You hero is also in that wonder with this weapon equiped.

    Your hero itself gets 1700 base strenght

    All spears in that village (yours and your friends) all get the bonus as long as your hero is there with this weapon equiped.

    The spears at home, dont get this bonus.

    If there is another hero with another spear equiped, like this one

    It's a lower tiered then your hero, so his weapon wont be used in the calculations. This is why organised alliances often have a 'hero-weapon' chat. Where they discuss what players equips what weapons, since that can make a mayor difference.