Imagine spending a week on demolishing kingdom to see this in the end... [ANKA]

  • We spent the last 3 off ops on SALE, and then before launching the 4th one, we saw lovely nakree from ANKA kingdom opening a treasury there (-31/-44). Interesting right? Sadly it took me too long to realise it was their multi-wing kingdom to generate treasures and get exposure to the -22/-45 WW.

    In total 2 cities were downgraded to 40-80 pop, 1 zeroed (duke's capital), and 2 chiefed. We prepared governors that we are going to overtake this territory and started negotiations to make sure people won't delete for no reason.


    After noticing a new treasury, I've sent a message to ANKA'a royals saying that we overtake this territory and giving enough time to demolish a treasury., received no constructive feedback only laughs. Fair enough boys. What anyone would do in my place? Obviously, I've cancelled the NAP and wrote to their main opponent wALL. Surprisingly it was great timing, they had an off op, which we also joined.

    The outcome speaks for itself, duke's 15c capital is gone missing, same as another treasury village chiefed :catapult:



    The greatest thing is that you won't be able to do us anything, as spending troops on us, means fewer troops to hit your main opponent. We play this server for fun and we don't care who will win it, yet we still going to secure 2nd WW to make sure 3rd place is ours