Oasis Animal growth / respawn rate

  • Hi all,

    I was just wondering if there was a specific animal respawn / growth rate for an oasis?

    I ask because I'm looking to hunt some Crocs etc. I have the option of capturing all the crocs at the oasis or I can leave some to keep respawning.
    Hopefully that makes some sense.
    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn't see anything along these lines.

    Thank you for your time.
    All the best


  • I don't know if there is a known script, that tells you those rates, but usually when you find an oasis with only crocs, tigers, elephants in it, you would leave 1 animal there and it would multiply itself. It takes some time and you need to hope that noone will take/kill that one animal. But usually it is worth, to keep one there and let it multiply.

  • you should strive to leave a single unit of the animal you want the most of. If the oasis keeps respawning- for a short period of time it might respawn single type only multiplier. I don't know what triggers it or if it has a trigger- but this way you leave 1 and sometimes get it to multiply to like 20 in 2 hours. And sometimes it completely stops after a couple more and doesn't grow anymore- in which case just full clear and wait for next respawn cycle. That's pretty much it.

  • 1 tiger 10 min

    1 croc 15 min

    1 elephant 20-25 min

    if you clear oasis fully it won´t respawn anymore

    so always keep 1 animal there

    if there is another type let say rats + crocs you can clear all crocs as long some rats will stay and they will still respawn

    there is always cycle of 3 types in each oasis. if one of them gets cleared before first 2 starts only 2 of them will spawn later and 3rd won´t show up. after those 2 are cleared too another cycle of 3 is set. number of best animals is usually lower something like 140r/112c/140s and crocs elephants tigers never spawn together. order is random so better animal can spawn first from the row of 3 types

    small tip: after map expand if you want more oasis to choose from(those behind line of new expansion) you need to send attack to force spawn otherwise they will stay empty for very long time maybe even forever

    BM sucks - blame Mayo ! :P


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