• Hi guys , My name is †No life King† (current Handle ) .

    My only Idea is for certain aspects of the game to be a bit more easily manageable so that we can play and do things a lot smoother .

    SO without further ado lets get into them :D

    1. When any treasury of a Kingdom is being activated pls add the countdown timer so that all treasury holders can see progress .

    2. KING and DUKES - Kingdom wide announcers ( Not messages - not a new chat room nor a new SS ) - Just something that pops up in the side of the page when u log in : Kinda like a notice board - so that dukes and kings can send other members (instruction / memes / warnings )and not over spam chat rooms for everything . Its really becomes hectic when players start using chat rooms for every small thing .

    3. Introduction to KINGDOM TAGS : - Nothing fancy - just like u have a ranking board in the kingdom internal system just add a few tags : To assign other smaller yet Important roles - DEF coordinator / OPS coordinator/ and other if u have a MMORPG fantasy :DDD . These tags r just name tags that only kingdom members can see to identify who to talk to when in need for something :)

    That's it from me , pls comment if u think these are something you would like to see added as well in the future :DDD :saint::saint::saint:

  • The first one is kinda useless, when the duke/king can just announce that time in the chat.

    However I like that second one. It would be very helpfull as a leader, to have a way for informing players about nessesary stuff ect.

    The third one is kinda useless? It wont help in any way for the kingdom. The leadership is usually known within the kingdom.

    I like the second one, leaders don't have a way, how to inform players.

    There are currently 3 ways.

    First one:

    PM every players in the kingdom. It takes a lot of time, but the leader knows if that player had read that message.

    Second one:

    Creating a threat in-game - usually called annoucements or something like this. It can inform everyone easily, but you won't know if that player had read your second message, you only know if he has openned that threat.

    Third one:

    Using a different platform - discord ect. can inform everyone in a short while, but not everyone uses discord (ect.) so, you won't have your whole kingdom there (unless your team is made of premades only.)

    So having a way, how to announce something IMPORTANT would be a great way, how to make it easier of the leaders, and I would welcome it.

  • Communication is really difficult in this game as leader. you dont weant to spam people too much, because they will stop reading. But you also want to send important information.

    It would also be nice if you could edit certain chats. Perhaps some special Royal-to-kingdom-chat. We're all human and make editing mistakes and it's annoying when this happens :D

  • Thank you AinsOoalGown#EN I see 3 simple ideas that could improve some how, even if it is not crucial some of them, the game for everyone.

    The treasury countdown would be a nice gimmick, the Kingdom tags some "nice to have" things to give recognition, but I really like the possibility for Kings and Duques to send messages type of like the admins are able to send system messages.

    I am not sure how possible that would be to implement, but for sure we are going to talk about it in the team.