Matchmaking BBash1 - May 2022

  • Dear players,

    we all know it's sometimes hard without a good sitter or dual. Therefore we have this section dedicated to find a good team to play with.

    Sitters can play on the same game round, Duals cannot have an own avatar on the same round. You can enable and restrict Gold usage for both. One avatar can have 2 Sitters and 2 Duals in total.

    Write a comment here, if you:

    • Search for a Sitter or Dual
    • Offer to be a Sitter or Dual for someone else
    • Search for a whole team
    • Already have a team and you still have some vacancies open
    • Offer to be a mentor and teach some interested new players how to play

    or any combination of the listed points.

    Sharpen your swords and let the hunting begin,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I'm looking to play as a dual, I'm not having enough time to carry my own account, but still can't leave this game behind hahaha. I'm from GMT+6, will be active on most of the days from 3-11 AM game time. Now just surfing of the testx3 and com2x3 world under the same name (rein), so can focus on a single account. Someone who is not damn serious for the game, but still looking a partner, can knock me. Lemme know. :):)

  • Hello Boys and Gals,

    My team and I will start a kingdom on BB1 or BB2 on the 17th and would like to welcome serious and active players who wish to participate in an active community while doing our best to have fun and maybe win this thing!

    As it depends if we will join forces with another team it also depends on which server we decide on, we will begin with ~15 or ~30 to be decided by the 16th at the latest.

    The name will likewise remain hidden until the 16th.

    At the moment we do Not have officer positions available until it's decided how we will play this round, however if we begin with 15 people instead of 30, we will also look for the following so we can merge 2 kingdoms easily:

    1 def coordinator

    2 off coordinators

    1 King/Vice King

    1 Duke

    And we accept players who wish to play as dual or Trio and will do our best to accomodate you with that.

    For King and Duke spots, players who use gold consistently and have experience as well as have or are willing to have Dual/Trio will be considered with priority.

    Please add me on Discord:



    or send me direct message here for more details.

    Thank you for your interest!

    And see you at the battlefield!