Idea - Increase in the number of Dukes from 4 to 7

  • The idea of travian kingdoms is to gather as many treasures as possible, and more treasures means more treasuries slots = more territory for the kingdom.

    1 king + 7 dukes would equal 8 treasuries, each with their own territory.

    Now, some kingdoms never got a territory that big before, and being able to get such huge territory at day 1 seems not only unbalanced but even gamebreaking.

  • First of all, Thank you for your valuable comments and feedback appreciate the time given.

    Just like to clarify I am no master of the game and if i make a mistake or the idea seems silly or noobish I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Now, coming back to the Idea - I observed many players don't like or disagree with Kingdom union.

    My original Idea that i posted was to have 7 Max dukes instead of 4. of course they should unlock the slot as and when the treasures grow lets say to unlock the 5th Duke the number of treasures is 100 000 and + 50000 after that to open up the slots.

    Please review the idea and lets fine tune it. anything questions or mistakes please point it out. your views to make the Kingdom better and fun to play is what we are looking for.


  • Hi. my idea is, increase the number of Dukes from 4 to 7. this way the management of the kingdom will be easier. Please share your views on the same

    Thank you very much for the idea.

    I gather from the comments from everyone and your second post, this is not really something we like to explore at this time, right?

    Do you still wants us to explore this idea?

    If you how do you feel it would improve game play?

  • My sole purpose of making the thread is to understand and discuss if about the increase from 4 to 7 Dukes in a Single kingdom with or Without the kingdom union. Idea is to make Dukes not dependent on the kingdom union and a king can name 4 to 7 dukes irrespective of kingdom union based on the number of Treasures a kingdoms owns

    the argument that Kingdom union will benefit big meta and leave the lesser player poor or make a divide between Rich ad poor. I respect the opinion of my fellow players but i disagree on it.

    the Kingdoms can still make allies and plan and settle side by side So the Kingdom Union will not make much of a difference.

    kindly, correct me if I am wrong.

  • Before Kingdom Unions (KU) We had 1 King and 7 dukes then Devs decided to reduce number of dukes to 2 and add something named unions... for... more exciting rounds. (spoiler: didn't happen)

    In general we wanted to push for more and smaller kingdoms on the map. While this means a cut in tributes (for everyone), it should also make the game more exciting with many smaller kingdoms fighting for positional advantages etc. The kingdom unions are then going to introduce a shift during the mid-game, which will bring a boost in terms of territory, players and treasures. This will be a big new decision for every kingdom that will influence how the whole round plays out. Of course kingdoms will be significantly bigger again once the unions happened, but growth will still be way slower than before the rebalancing. So you better make the most out of your limited influence and find a good partner kingdom to join forces with! :)

    For me (as a governor in a premade team) It didn't change anything.

    The same big kingdom only plays 30days (10days speed) as 2 small kingdom then they union for very first big kingdom. anyway I don't think devs revert this.

    Most players like to stick to big (some may call it normal) kingdoms to have more chance for victory. This never change. 1 king 3 dukes, 3 kings 9 dukes, 2 kings 4 dukes, anyhow we change it same players of a team will adapt into. smaller teams didn't happen, and probably will not happen.

  • The only reason to ask for more dukes/treasuries in kingdoms is that hyper-populated kingdoms have too little room to settle inside borders. One solution has already been implemented, which is making villages to cities, therefore using up more CP slots and also brining in more tribute to king with higher fields. I have previously proposed another solution, which is to have two or more players settle a single village together and with that also use up more CP and make the villages inside borders more effective and outside borders better to manage. Dual-villages could also make it exponentially easier for royals to keep track of the players in their kingdom and also help active players manage others villages without logging off and on with sitter and your own account.