ere such a thing as too many croplands?

  • I'm playing on a server and i currently have 5 villages: 2 4/4/4/6, 2 15c and 1 9c. There is an opportunity for me to take another 9c in a couple days, but I'm just wondering if I'm depriving myself of other resources. I understand that this is a great opportunity for late game since I will have great crop production, but is this too much crop fields? Should I get a normal res village instead?

  • It depends on how much gold you have available, and how crowded the server is. Croppers almost always have better production than non-croppers if you have the gold to run them. However, if there is more players than there is croppers, then I would advice that you let each player get at the very least 1 cropper for their capital before you grab multiple, unless there is a chance an enemy will take it.

    You're reading this. Think about it.

  • The main thing you have to ask yourself when taking or chiefing villages......Will these be functional and operating at full capacity by endgame or am I just doing this to try and win the pop trophy?

    I tend to always end servers with 7-8 villages.

    3 of which would be offensive in nature while the other 4 to 5 built for resource pushing and defensive troop production.

    I have seen many players grabbing up villages left and right through out the game but when server ends the majority of the villages have not really helped the account or the kingdom as they never get them fully operational.

    Since this is a war game then making sure each of your villages is at least helping your account or the kingdom overall by and during endgame should be priority whether it be 6c, 7c, 9c(my favorite) or 15c.