Do you feel lucky today? a.k.a. The Luck System

  • OK here is an idea.

    Luck system.

    Every action that includes your hero (adventure, reinforcement, attack, raid) includes a luck bonus or misfortune.

    For instance, your hero goes on adventure. And you get info that your hero lost, for example, 20 health. But you also sometimes! gets a special luck info return that informs player that his her lost more or less health or even died or even did not loose health at all due to some lucky or unlucky event.

    Or you get an extra item or you get cursed, misfortune: if your hero dies in nedxt 72h resurrect time is doubled.
    Or you send troops + hero as reinforcement to some player and you get 1 healing salve at the moment of reinforcements land and you get info message that informs you that your hero upon arrival with troops as reinforcement to ally village, villages in act of appreciation gave your hero a healing salve or healing potion.

    Or you attack enemy village and all your troops die but hero survives because he luckily got managed to escape from battlefield, for example, but then he can not attack next 72h or his atk bonus would be lowered for some time....

    When you go into battle, your hero can have more or less atk or deff bonus, sometimes! due to lucky or unlucky event.

    There could be also a luck potion that you can buy or sell, that improves your luck by some percent.

    Battle system is inaccurate anyway so this could be some sort of explanation for bad script and would bring some new fun and topics to talk about on chat.

  • So, make the Hero even, based on probability, more powerful than before.

    For what I can see the "lucky potion" is some kind of water bucket, right?

    There is already a total random, let's call it "lucky" way in which adventures work...

    What would we achieve by adding to that "luck factor"?

  • 1. More items in game
    2. Game is more fun, specially to players who play TK a long time now, for years.

    3. Everyone who played Warcraft 1 and 2 remembers good old tips you can ask ingame, and that are things that make special note, special sent to the game and to the image of the game producer.