BBash 2022: Fireworks and new party hats

  • Dear players,

    Yes, you will be able to stockpile and ignite Fireworks and Super Fireworks again!

    bbash-fireworks Fireworks bbash-super-fireworks

    We improved how to stockpile fireworks in general. Especially when you have more villages, you will love the button to fill them up all at once.

    What's new:

    • Stockpiled fireworks in a destroyed/conquered village are lost and won't count towards challenges or grant rewards
    • You will get a chance at receiving secret adventures only for igniting Super Fireworks
    • Your chance to get a Finish Now item has increased

    bbash-partyhatParty Hats bbash-partyhat

    Last year, we introduced Party Hats and a set of 2021 glasses for those of you who played on the Birthday Bash worlds.

    This year, you can unlock a new set of glasses, this time with the year 2022 gaul-idea and some hats. You can't wait until the 17th? Then open the spoiler and you will see a preview bbash-partyhat

    How to get them?

    Only igniting Super Fireworks give you a chance at receiving Birthday cosmetics as a reward the next morning. bbash-super-fireworks

    Of course, the party hats from last year will also be available this time (not the 2021 glasses, though). Or do you have them all already?

    If you want to refresh your memory, go to this thread to see last year's party hats:

    Have you already decided on which of the two game rounds you will start?

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


  • Really? You didnt invent something new? just addes some new collors to the hats and thats it ... ?

    We do have a unique item: the 2022 glasses.

    But if you have some suggestions, we are open to hear them. What would you have wanted to see as Birthday cosmetics?

    In general, we did come up with something new. We will talk about that next week 8)

  • So why is nothing being said know what we're 'testing' right now in test server?

    I got a newsletter 2 weeks ago and they announced the BB servers with healing tent.


    May 17th: Mark the date in your calendar!

    We're inviting you to celebrate our birthday with us on one of two special Birthday Bash gameworlds. They are both x3 night truce worlds: one UTC, one CEST.

    It doesn't matter if you are a mad rocket scientist or a party pooper; either can hunt for new achievements.

    Besides the fireworks and the community challenges, a brand-new building will await you:THE HEALING TENT."

  • Please write, at what times the night truce will be on both servers.

    Hi Tosiek You can find all details in the embassies, including the night truce timings, that we opened mid April

    BBash 1:

    BBash 2:

    Is the BB going to be a speed server?

    Yes, it will be x3 speed

    So why is nothing being said know what we're 'testing' right now in test server?

    This might be part of this week's teaser ;)

    I got a newsletter 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing <3 Yes, people who read the newsletter got a heads up. So, did you figure out the names of the new BBash achievements? We will share more information here in the forum soon, too.

    bbash-tada Community Communications Manager bbash-partyhat

  • so how do i get a hat?

    It is very easy, you will get achievements in game and you will be able to fulfil the different requirements to get those achievements. ;)

    For some of the community achievements there is actually a pop up, or an icon in the left hand side lower corner of the screen when you are in your account, that if you click it, it shows you the pop up with some of the achievements and what you have to do to get them.

  • what would be different from a simple Speed with night truce?

    This is our birthday celebrations, there are a lot more achievements, a lot more players looking forward to it, so there is more competition.

    As well there are nice new features, like the healing tent, and some more new cosmetics that you can then use globally in your account.

    Many things to look forward to! ;)