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  • "The "I Y I" symbol is a principality symbol from the time when the Turks lived as nomads. This symbol belongs to the family that founded the Ottoman Empire. 1 month before this server started, we talked as all Turks who will play on this server and decided to establish a single kingdom. We are not affiliated with any political party. We are quite numerous. None of us use more than one account. A few people were fined for managing more than one account, but we were not aware of such a situation. Turks are a society created to dominate the world, just as it has been seen in history. However, there are people of different nationalities among us. Because we are not racists. We love every nation and we respect every human being. But this is a game and the goal is to win. For this reason, we do not want a hostile kingdom in the region where we established our kingdom. It is perfectly normal for us to loot and destroy you. We came to this server to win. You don't want to be hostile with us. Just like in history, the Turks will show their power today and will destroy everyone who stands in their way. If you want to continue playing on a server you can't win, that's your idea. We respect it, but you'll get nowhere by slandering us. Just like "Attila" who brought the Pope to his knees, like "Conqueror Sultan Mehmet" who started a new age, like "Atatürk" who fought against the whole world and won, we will stand tall and win."