BBash2 serwer not working

  • 90% russian players in laglogin. if you have some opinion you need a proofs. If you don't have anything, don't write bullshit...

    what evidence do you need for every number of russians you need to have evidence you knocked you down to the end that every now and then I would take screenshots and paste here

  • Just close the servers already.

    Set the original amount of gold every account had before the servers started.

    Add all the purchased gold to every account that spent money and also add 50%.

    Finally give 200 gold to all accounts playing the servers as compensation.

    I personally love the game but I can't be bothered to play like this

  • If they close the birthday server, then they might as well pull the plug on the whole project

  • I am really annoyed. I spend money on gold, and every time i am about to found a new village i cannot go into the game. And when i do, someone already killed my settlers.. goodbye to my game. i am being destroyed and there is nothing i can do. They got hacked i bet...

  • Do they think we are idiots. Try to log in, then get told wrong password. Do the reset thing, but still get told the wrong password, just after reset. Got a meaasge with link to go into lobby. Now I get told that there was too many login attempts.... Wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It said CONTACT SUPPORT ????????????????

    Just fo interest sake,, the CONTACT SUPPORT Link in the email, send you to this.... THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DOESN''T EXIST..

    Finally got a support message away from the from the contact support in the FORUM/LOBBY....................NOW LET US SEE HOW LONG DO IT TAKE TO GIVE THE SUPPORT

  • What is it a fashion that Mh is dealing with me and I do not want to give me back my gold coins what I bought and in this confusion I did not receive, if it is not delivered, I report the matter to the police because Mh does not want any help but some confirmation of the task and I sent him the purchase and paid and I do not have coins where can I report mh? If my gold is not on my account by tomorrow, I will report it to the police