Connectivity issues May 25, 2022

  • Dear players,

    Yesterday evening, we experienced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which resulted in lagging issues and disconnection for players on our Birthday Bash game worlds. We worked heavily on mitigating the problems.

    As some of you already suspected, this was a reaction to our wave of recent bans on players using external applications.

    Quote from § 3 of our game rules

    “The use of scripts, bots or apps to automate actions is not allowed.”

    This also includes modified browsers as stated in the same paragraph. You can read it here:

    We are deeply sorry that our players were affected. We already restored the troops that starved between yesterday evening this morning. We will monitor the situation closely for a couple of days until we are sure our measurements are enough and will come back to you with an update.

    This attack shows us that our new tools and punishment rules are necessary for finding these offenders.

    If you still have connectivity issues, please reload the page. If this doesn’t help, send us a ticket to the help center.

    An open letter to @everyone within the group of people that is responsible for this attack:

    Please be aware that DDoSing is a severe offense, and we’ll continue to seek out and punish those that violate the game rules. These punishments will not go unchanged, and those who seek to spoil the fun of others will not go unpunished.

    This type of cyber-attack is a criminal violation and will be investigated by local police. Yes, it’s all just some programming, and Travian Kingdoms is just a game and not a governmental department or a hospital. Nevertheless, you still committed a felony that could lead to 10 years in prison in Europe.

    Furthermore, we will not tolerate aggression or violence towards our Travian Kingdoms staff. The actions of a few will not spoil the enjoyment of many.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I agree on the punishments, even those who use tools to help in the game in a personal way without the approval of the system. It's a game and we spend real money on it, we have to have security so that if we lose or win that is honestly and transparent. I've heard that there are even people from Travian himself who make it easy for some important players to play on Travian. I'm very sad if you know that this is really going. I hope this conversation is really a big fake. Hug.

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  • PS. Not a single unit has died from starvation. So I do not know. I think we play other games :D

    The problem is we get a lot of attacks and within seconds the server becomes unplayable. And we can't send deffs or hide offs. Today I threw screenshots from our discord when one of our offs fell. Two sitters tried to enter the account and couldn't. This situation occurred yesterday evening and today.


    Congratulations on your ideas ;)

  • Dude you seem a bit "Hangry" maybe go find some food, stop overeacting ..... like you said it's day 7, rebuild your troops & move on.

    It wasn't TK's fault & they've apologized, what more do you expect?

    I expect a playable server. If they can't provide one, it's not my problem. This is not the first time. Yesterday it was like that. It is like that today. Maybe it will be like that tomorrow? And we will be apologized every day?

    Next server? Autumn 2022. Server x3.

  • We dont need any compensation. Enough if you can delete cheaters from game we know who is it. Russian team, where multiacounts is standard, so immature and complex that they have to cheat in such a nice game as a computer game. They make succesful offensive in time of server atacks where game were unplayable. European law here make nothing, they can play from outside civilized countries.

  • I'm not interested in their gold. I have my own. I am interested in a fair solution to the case. Because so far this is a comedy.

    Your right....Gold has no place here as that would mean those who started the ddos attack would also receive it. Travian does not want to reward or pay the attackers and I do not blame them.

    I do believe though you have a point and troops lost from attacks during the period of attacks should be replaced.

    If this was a bug that caused this then Travian would be witches to be burned at the stake(just kidding ;) )

    Since this was done by disgruntled players, the blame lies with them, not Travian.

    Although this brings to light that not much has been done in the field of stopping ddos attacks. :(

  • Instead of gold, they should sell the company, ideally to someone who cares about people's opinion and the game.

    Time is a Flat Circle

    Everything we have ever done or will do, we are going to do over and over and over again.

    If you want to complain about Travian Games for whatever reason, use this link:

    Online-Beschwerde einreichen

    This is the official form for the local country where Travian Games is based.

  • I think triangles will start a crowd-funding campaign to make an offer for Travian Kingdoms' acquisition from Travian Games.

    Honestly over the years, I think it's the only way to move development forward in this muck.

    Time is a Flat Circle

    Everything we have ever done or will do, we are going to do over and over and over again.

    If you want to complain about Travian Games for whatever reason, use this link:

    Online-Beschwerde einreichen

    This is the official form for the local country where Travian Games is based.

  • To sum up official statement.

    1. Players have lost troops and resources due to provider's issues.
    2. Apologize, but do nothing meaningful.
    3. It has affected the current situation on servers, but we have apologized and it should be enough.

    I get the fact that the issues occurs, but your reaction is outrageous.

    I feel like him:

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