[Resolved] DDoS Attacks June 8th and following

  • My players cannot log in after 3 p.m. Some may not, others may not. There is a problem with DNS and gate.

    Once they log in, only the in-game chat works for them.

    We tested with Nord VPN. When choosing a connection from Russia, everything works perfectly. Coincidence?

    There are problems from Poland ;)

    So don't write that something works if it doesn't. All the time I get questions on the discord if the server is already running, because someone cannot log in. And it's an App and Windows.

    I personally logged into the game before 3pm and can play. Players who quit the game are now unable to re-enter.

    So what does it work? Nothing is working properly. However, there are lags.

    Next server? Autumn/Winter 2023 :)

  • Fun fact :
    Turks players are able to send 300 attacked on all the treasure of our alliance, then just after the servers are dead and we can't def.

    Travian staff don't freeze the server => everyone will loose 1 month of money and time because of the crashes.

    Good luck with the incoming shitstorm, you just took all the decisions that will lead to that : giving advantages to some players, and killing game experience of others.

  • SOLVED??? You are a shame... we are being attacked and we have continual disconnections without being able to return, the defenders cannot send the troops, even with the direct links from the server we can no longer access it, it's just aberent to leave the players in such a situation, especially when we see certain kingdoms doing offensive operations just after this one, the servers are broken!!! THANK YOU TO THE TRAVIAN TEAM FOR LEAVING US WITHOUT A SOLUTION!!!

  • hi Kaherdin...i feel your pain....should have been a24/48 hour ceasefire.....i bought gold 24 hours ago...usually get it straight away....still waiting....while my warehouses overflow as i cant npc....shambles...plus the money ive spent on gold at start of server...probably going to waste now....really thinking about asking my card provider to get my money back now...gonna be awhile before i ever think about spending money here....and im along time player..way over 15 years...playing t2/t3/t4 versions...god they were good ole days .

  • Oh shiet, since when does NordVPN have servers in russia? :)

  • Connection timed out

    The server at bbash2.kingdoms.com is not responding for too long.
    The site is temporarily unavailable or overloaded. Please try again in a few minutes. If you can't download any pages, check your computer's network connection.

    and on top of that, the server sucks again, I can't even build what the enemy has destroyed.

    there is so much nice work in the world .. why do you have to work for travian if you are so amateurish?

  • Good morning <3

    thank you for reporting the issues this night. Our developers saw them too and this is solved by now. It really helps us when you report issues. Please also confirm when it does work again.

    belfastguy_COM I am sorry the Gold takes so long. Is it solved now? If not, please write again in the same ticket that your case is not solved yet and the Gold is still not there.

    Yes, this page looks suspicious, but it actually is not. Yes, you should not see that one normally. But it really is one our our pages that work normally in the background. If you still see this one, please clear your cache and cookies. If not, don't clear your cookies, because your session will be gone and you cannot use the direct link into the gameworld anymore.

    It's weekend, and as we all know, TK staff doesnt work on weekends

    I don't know if we made it clear enough. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so again: The whole TK staff is taking these attacks very seriously and working very hard and long hours to defend against these attacks and to resolve other issues like some payment delays. That means, we also work on the weekend.

    rafal92f#PL I don't know why you reduce Travian to the country the headquarter is placed in. People from all around the work for Travian Games. Yes, some of them do live in Germany, some of them work remotely from where ever the live. Especially in the community management team, we actively seek diversity in our team. And when it comes to online gaming in general, not just Travian, that is what makes it so special: people from all around the world can connect with each other through their common interest in games.

    @all: please share this within your kingdoms if you haven't done already. At the moment, everything works fine, yes. I still want to be make sure as many players know this as possible. Let's take care of each other <3

    We are sure that more attacks are coming. Therefore, please follow these two steps to get access to your gameworlds:
    • Don’t use the red “Go to lobby” button to log out of your gameworld (close the window instead).
    • Bookmark the direct link to your gameworlds, for example: bbash1.kingdoms.com, bbash2.kingdoms.com or com4.kingdoms.com.

    and yes, this might no

    bbash-tada Community Communications Manager bbash-partyhat