Morale bonus for smaller kingdoms in treasury

  • At the moment game is relatively boring and encourage to create a huge kingdoms and run over all small kingdoms with them. Also there no enough flexibility in kingdom positions. You can usually tell from really early which 1-3 got a chance for victory. At current state of game pre-made kingdoms are highly favored and fighting against them with new made kingdom is hard. To make game world more interesting for all teams, I suggest following idea:

    There would be a treasury morale bonus for defending kingdom if this kingdom has less victory points than attacking kingdom.

    -Amount of morale bonus would be decided according to how big is the difference between vp between two kingdoms

    -To avoid abuse of the feature, morale bonus would only apply if kingdom is an union.

    -If player of smaller kingdom has been a member of bigger kingdom past 7 days, defensive kingdom will still get morale bonus as big as if player still were member of bigger kingdom. (to avoid kingdom swapping for op)

    -This bonus will only apply to treasury villages

    Even if this idea wouldn't completely change current meta and a bigger kingdoms could still destroy smaller kingdoms, it would still be an improvement. And encourage kingdoms to fight with kingdoms that are either bigger or same size.

    Please share your thoughts! What things you like in this suggestion and what things could still be improved?