Resource Management

  • Hello everyone,

    this is a quick tip on how you can easily track the amount of resources and send them to other villages at the same time, without having to click on each village individually.

    I was hoping TK would hear me out and implement my suggestion from the past, but idc.

    So steps:

    1. Open the marketplace

    2. Paste after the URL: /window:villagesOverview

    3. Then, you will see both windows.

    It's easier to keep track of villages and distribute resources because TK doesn't allow you to open these windows automatically. If you already use this, consider it spam :).




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  • Damn, that's a great tip!
    Does that work with other combo's as well?

    Yes it does! Nice, wish there was a way to just lock a window, but this is a great workaround!

    This combi of rally point and overview is handy for sending to oasis.