Truce and attacks on villages.

  • I want to ask if this is a game bug or if the developers did not foresee such a situation. It was on the bbash2 server with truce from 24:00 to 8:00.

    The map became larger and I chiefting natarian village at 23:11.
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    I saw attacks coming straight away and we put 100k deff. The attacks were entering the time of the truce. I didn't know how the game would react. Will the attacks come in or the greetings will pop out. Oases and natarian villages can be attacked during a truce.

    But after the Russians sent the attacks, I was the first chiefting of this natar village, so it wasn't a natarian village anymore, but a player's village. In my opinion, attacks should not come in. Because there is a truce at this time. I think this is a game bug that needs to be verified.
    And screen:
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot
    Screenshot by Lightshot

    BridgetB what do you think? It is okay? However, is an unusual situation.

  • Night truce just doesnt allow to send attacks.
    There is no system to give greeting messages as during Ceasefire.
    We had such situation happen in early game in our benefit, when 2 players were chiefing same village and we rechiefed a natar villa during NT.

  • From the quick calcs i ran, the travel time for the ram clearer was a minimum 3:02:50-hours with TS L20, sending as attack (not siege), so it looks like these attacks were already on the way before you chiefed the Natar, I think it's just a unique situation that neither party had planned for & was just lucky that you were online to prepare a defence party for their arrival, it would be hard to recreate this scenario in an abusive way & I don't really see it as something that needs a fix.

    One thing I would say, is you can always arrange a def party to land just after you chief anything to counter any other attacks that are already inbound that you cannot see, even if it wasn't truce time this could still happen, so isn't really a bug that needs fixing in that sense..

    Golden rule is always be online when you chief anything (even in truce time) just in case ;)

  • Reply from the support. Yes, I know. It cannot be shared, but this is an exceptional case.

    It is not a bug. The game doesn't check requirements at the attack time but only when launching it. You can send troops to a Natarian village that gets conquered so the attack will arrive at a player's village during the night truce.

    I am sorry for the possible inconvenience, but it is as designed.

    Next server? Autumn/Winter 2023 :)