[Give away] Introduce your hero to me

  • Dear players,

    Say hi to my hero and introduce me to yours. You have time to participate until the end of June: Thursday, June 30, midnight CEST.

    To Do:

    • Post a screenshot of your hero
    • Tell me a bit about your avatar


    • 5x 50 Gold vouchers
    • 5x 25 Gold vouchers

    Drawn randomly by all participants who fulfilled all the to-do's on Friday, July 1st.

    Every player can participate just once.

    If we get more than 50 participants, we will double the amount of vouchers and 20 players can win.


    Quote from Bellatora

    My hero´s name is Bella and i tried to make her as similar to me as possible, as I am also a redhead!

    She's a seasoned warrior that has seen many battles in her past and is always ready for the unexpected!

    She values honour above all things, and is always ready to protect her village and loved ones!

    I am looking forward to meeting your heroes. I also wonder.. Did you make your hero look like you as much as possible?

  • Behold the one and only Butcher, he is the tallest amongst Roman Armies also can ride a dragon with no hands ,he born and raised from the shire (Underhill) specialised in going for adventures to get worthless stuff always and i love him for it :D

    FYI he is a lot like me

  • This is El Jefe

    Dont let the name fool you, he is far from Spanish .

    Having scandinavian blood in his veins, like myself, i tried to make him look as Viking'ish as possible.

    He is a War-driven, Adrenaline riding, Crop hungry barbarian who is rarely seen without his sword and shield in hand.

    He values honesty, Pride and Respect above anything else, and never fears to be the first one on the attack of another kingdom, or the frontline to defend his own King and their Kingdom.

  • Hello, my hero's name is Joseph. His name is coming from a Prophet. The Prophet was thrown to a wheel by his brothers and left to die alone. After 2-3 days a traveler saved him from there and went to Egypt with him. After our little prophet grow up he became the most important person in that country.

    His helmet shows how he cares about his kingdom, armor is upgraded with stones and gives him health and strength to go on adventures non-stop, the sword is for the Teutonic knights is fighting with him all the time, and shoes is to gain more exp from every fight more than others, and lastly, the thief bag is to plunder every single resource he got from any fight.

    With all of this, he is a strong men dedicated to his kingdom! Glorious Joseph!!!

  • forum.kingdoms.com/wcf/index.php?attachment/34911/

    The name is Night King, the reason is that when he was born, he was born in the middle of the war between the two biggest kingdoms of the world. He didn't know his father, he didn't know his mother, he was alone. And being alone, he started helping other orphans in the war, at the age of 15 he commanded all the orphans in the biggest city of the allied kingdom, at 20 he became the leader of the orphans and homeless of the whole allied kingdom, at 25 years he conquered part of the allied troops with his charisma, and became the resistance, and at the age of 30 he marched with all his troops on the allied kingdom, at the age of 31 he ended the war. Your potential is not your strength alone, your potential is in your companions who walk by your side, when you meet him in battle, be prepared, because you will be together with the greatest army this world has ever seen.

    Marked by the scars of war, he is not the strongest, but every scar he has on his body was by one of his companions.

    When night falls, the earth will tremble like a heartbeat, because the heart of a nation will be marching.

  • Hi, my hero's name is Ἑλικάων (Helikaon) who's in Greek mythology was a Trojan warrior and son of the elder Antenor and the priestess Theano.
    He is a fictional character from David Gemel novels: Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow (2005), Troy: Shield of Thunder (2006), Troy: Fall of Kings (2007)

    The story was so great and I had to use it to make his avatar in this game :)

  • :imperian::equites-imperatoris::fire-catapult: veni vidi vici 8) Hello my name is Emre

    I live in Turkey I am from Edirne
    ım 32 years old

    i am a software developer

    I wish all players have a good time


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