5 Ideas we would like to get commented by devs

  • I think that such topics are only so that the more horny people can create themselves and use energy for these entries. And the game will remain as it was.

    After all, we have been presenting these ideas here for over 10 years and you should remember that it hardly changes anything. Apparently some changes are not in the developer's interest or require too much work and nobody wants to.

    It's easier to look for a different game than to post ideas that will disappear with us like tears in the rain.

    And knowing the amount of fraud, expoits and abuse in Travian no one seriously pays for it. These are the usual beginners' mistakes. We play with the gold bought years ago, which will last forever, because we already know the mechanics of this game.

    So good luck

  • Bellatora to return this thread back to its original purpose, have the devs been approached with 5 ideas? Can you let us know which 5? Or is it up to the community decide? Once they've been discussed with the devs, can you let us know what feedback there was so we can fine-tune ideas in the future?

    To everyone else, if you aren't directly presenting 5 ideas, can we stop so the conversation isn't muddled when it goes to devs?

    Yes, of course, I was letting the community voice their ideas so we can choose the ones that are more relevant. I have been gathering some feedback on a few repeated issues but I wanted to gather some more before responding. The feedback is not meant to be a response to the exact questions you have posted but what has been discussed on the topics I see are being repeated and are relevant. Please note this is the feedback from the devs.

    but if you want some feedback on some of the issues I have seen on the thread here goes a couple of them :

    1. Menhir: Suggestions to improve the Menhir function.

      The Suggestions won't really solve the issue but will create new ones.

      Here is the feedback in particular on some topics:

      - People can't menhir if their account is more than 3 days old.

      Too short timeframe. We have tested a 200 pop limitation. But due to the player feedback. we decided not to implement it.

      - Resources from resource piles (from the regained field lvl) cant be robbed by other.

      Player feedback: we will keep that in mind.

      - You can settle a tile, even tho menhir is settled up there.

      No because the King has decided to reserve the tile for the relocation. So you have to get in contact with your King if you want to settle there.

    Kingdom: Restrictions on raiding resources between kingdom members.

    We already have some restrictions: https://support.kingdoms.com/e…44402-raiding-limitations

    1. COM: Robber Camp: Report for the King which shows all attackers.

      We are aware of the issues with the Robber Camps and want to fix the real issue. This would be a work around and due to this, we won't implement it. Nevertheless to fix the real issue might take a while, though.
    1. COM: Rallye point: Full village list at the village selection.

      We can't do it due to the limitation of the UI. Especially as players can theoretically have an unlimited amount of villages.

    i will keep on posting feedback as soon as i manage to get it sorted :)

    I will close the thread so i keep on updating feedback as soon as i am getting it without it being lost in diferent posts

    You can continue and comment the feedback on this thread: LInk to coments thread

  • I have gotten some more feedback on other wishes and issues you guys have asked either on the forum or on discord and i thought you guys would like to have:

    1. Tutorial: The first part of the tutorial should be longer to offer more explanations about kingdoms and some other important topics.

      Thank you for the suggestions. We will consider this if we rework the tutorial.
    2. Game worlds: Merge Travian: Legends and Travian Kingdoms to have more players in one game round.

      Even if a lot features are the same or similar, the games are nevertheless very different. Due to this a complete merge is not an option. But one lobby for both games would be a nice to have. We can't promise anything but we are currently checking the possibilities.
    3. Gold: Limit gold usage so the difference in gold and non-gold user is smaller.

      No, a limit is not planned.
    4. Mid game: Promote slower game worlds, but with more interesting mid-game goals, so it doesn't feel like a drag.

      This is a recurring wish. There are also already thoughts about a more interesting mid game.
    5. Statistic: Additional statistic where destroyed buildings/resource fields are reflected.

      Nice idea. We have added it on our Board.
    6. Chat: Emojis which can be directly used in the chat and ingame forum. #69266

      It would be nice if we can use emojis. We have added it on our board.

    7. Instead of the App Version, the App should open the game in the mobile browser.

      This won't be implemented
    1. Special Game worlds: Each with a special theme, one for every season. For example: Dry Season, no world of wonder, furious Natar game world etc.

      Player wants us to make 4 seasons, or periods of the year and on each period to have a different type of game world.

      Example from the player: 2x speed, 4 rounds per year with each a special theme. Like dry-crop server, no wonder server, furious Natar game world etc

      We already have BBash and HHunt, so it would mean having another 2 different type of gameworlds the rest of the "seasons"

      Good idea. We are keeping this ideas for the future. No timeframe and no promise for the future.
    2. Tributes: Bonus Tributes for Kings in the tutorial are too big for the warehouse. Due to this, make it somehow possible that it fit in the warehouse. (Discord)

      We will work on this. No timeframe.
    3. Workshop: Like the great stable/barracks there should be a great workshop. #694514

      Recurring wish. This wish is the reason, why the workshop bonus was included in the fealty system.
  • - Avatars registered to the game with random mails are added to real players as duals and sitters. The sole purpose of these avatars is to allow some people to have access to the accounts of all kingdom members. (This event is against the rules of the game.)

    We are working on finding a solution to this

    1. Treasury: Show Countdown after start of activation of a treasury.

      Good idea, we have added it to our board. No timeframe.
    2. Kingdom: Possibility for Kings and Dukes to create an announcement for their member, for example as a pop up.

      We are aware that the ingame chat/message system is confusing and sometimes overloaded with messages. If we overwork the system, we will keep the wish in mind.
    3. Kingdom: Tags for Members like "Deff Coordinator" etc.

      Even if it's a recurring wish, we won't implement it, because it's too much effort for so many different roles. But the players can use their profile description and write their titles there.

    4. Game world: Special game world with Kingdom size limit and no menhir allowed.

      About Kingdom size limit:

      Here are some points about limiting the number of kingdom members and metas in general:

      • In a sandbox type of game like Travian Kingdoms, metas will always exist, as long as players want them to exist. They can be discouraged, but eventually it’s up to the players since we cannot limit them successfully while still offering a sandbox experience.
      • Limiting the number of governors in a kingdom does not stop that kingdom from cooperating with another kingdom. Or those two kingdoms from cooperating with a third one and destroying a smaller fourth kingdom. Furthermore, a single "meta" kingdom could be divided in 10 smaller kingdoms (Celtics 1, Celtics 2, Celtics 3...), each with a limitation of 25 max. governors and we cannot do anything to stop them from cooperating and organizing themselves externally through a messaging platform. Wouldn’t this be unfair for the kingdom that sticks to our kingdom member limitation? What if two kingdoms decide to help each other against a bigger kingdom? Is this considered a meta? When is it simply two kingdoms allying and when does it become a meta? This is all to say that even with kingdom member limitation, we cannot stop two kingdoms from secretly helping each other or from organizing themselves before or during a round.
      • A subsequent problem of limiting kingdom members is that if we managed to achieve this successfully, there would be no empty room for casual players or beginners in most kingdoms: If you only have, say, 15-member slots, would you waste one to teach the game to someone new? Would you accept someone in your kingdom that can only play a few hours after work?

      In general, we’re not completely opposed to trying it out and having a limitation of governors in a test round for example, but we are not quite sure it would help at all against metas.

      About menhir: Why no menhir? Before we had the menhir, we had severe issues beforehand like players deleting themselves and creating a new avatar just because they didn't like their starting pile. And it was hard to move to a more active kingdom if you didn't know the correct steps on how to get rid of your spawn village. etc.
    5. Inactive villages: Militia units in inactive villages to avoid micro farming.
      • For every 300 (or so) accumulated resources in an inactive village a weak militia unit (25/25 defence) appears. So farming is no free real estate anymore, but that loot is being protected.
      • This way farm list armies need to be bigger, which means less of them will walk at lower frequencies, which means less active players do have a chance to get their eyes on some bountiful village. Encourages spying, attacking, looting. Earns a victory and a cheerful player.
      • Even from a "lore" perspective it would make sense for villagers to start defending themselves. And their harvest.
      • And to avoid huge militas cap the spawning when the storage is full. Or gradually increase the resource requirements to slow it down. Like 300 for the 1st unit, 350 for the 2nd, 400 for the 3rd and so forth.
      • It's also a nice extra experience source.
      We have added it on our Board. Example idea instead of units: grey villages could become NPC, conquerable or settleable.
    1. Hero: The power of the health from a hero should increase with the level.

      We already have the tier 2 & 3 items which increase the strength of the hero. To change the complete system like described would be too much effort for not enough outcome. Due to this, we won't change it.
    2. Scouting: Adding Chiefs to scouting parties to see everything about the village.

      That's a great idea and the player has shared detailed information. Nevertheless it would be too much effort for not enough change. Due to this it won't be done.
    3. : Rally point: Hide fake attacks in rally point. Give an option to players to 'hide the fake' in their rally point. If you as a player can analyse an attack as 'fake' by seeing the troop type through high enough rally point / looking glass. You should be able to 'hide' this incoming attack, so kingdom doesn't keep seeing this fake as a possible attack.

      That's a good idea. We have added it on our board.
    4. Market place: Add arrows to adjust the amount of resources which should be send.

      You are already able to click at the marketplace on the green number at the end of the row. Every time this amount will be added to the amount of recourse. And only add this arrow to remove resources would be too much effort. Due to this, we won't implement it. For the App we are aware that changes are desired.

    Chat: Possibility to send message only to leaders.
    You are able to create a secret society, so that only the leaders will get the message. Or you can open a thread from the leadership side. In addition the leaders already get spammed and this feature might be contra productive.

    1. Endgame: No fix date for the endgame, it should start at any time after day 80.

      We won't implement it. If there is no fix date, it's not possible to plan a strategy. But this is necessary for a good and interesting endgame.
    2. Endgame: New and always changing objectives for the end of a game world.

      We won't implement it. Travian Kingdoms is a strategy game and planning is part of it. Getting objectives only a couple of days in advance would make it impossible to plan anything.
    3. Robber Hideout: Reduce the respawn time after relocation.

      We have changed this in the past because it got exploited. If we now change it back, it is a drawback to then play with your friends or an active kingdom. In the end, the player does gain more than they loose.

    • Kingdom Union: Possibility to promote a new vice-king if the current one gets inactive.

      This should be part of the "Disbanding Kingdom" Feature: Inactivity triggers abdication for kings and vice-kings
    1. Rally Point: It should be possible to forward a limited number of troops to bundle them in one village.

      This is nothing which should be available on a regular game world. And only implement it for a special game world would be too much effort. We rather put the effort into other player wishes.
    2. Fealty System: If players from a smaller kingdom attack or get attacked by a bigger kingdom, they should get an additional attack/defense bonus.

      Currently the Team is still checking the Fealty System. We will inform the players, when we have any news. We are still planning to implement it.
    3. COM: Hero: Include a “luck” element in Hero’s battles/actions.

      We won't implement a luck element. Travian Kingdoms is a strategy game. You can't calculate a luck factor and due to this, it does not fit to a strategy game.

    Conversations: Improvement of our Ingame Forum, for example like in Travian: Legends.
    The use of the ingame Forum in Travian: Legends is not very common.

    We won't do it. Our messaging system is something like a Forum. We have secret societies and threads that are currently used.

    In addition a lot of kingdoms are using their own discord severs and follow ours for news.

    1. Flash Game World: Game World with a duration of 3 days, for example to have a training game world or how to organize a team etc. #712692

      We already have a Test Game World and the players can use it like descriped in the wish as well.
    2. Village: More Building slots due to the limited space because of the healing tent.

      We are aware that the space in the village could be very limited. Especially now with the new healing tent. Currently there are no concrete plans, but we have it on our Board.
  • New game world starts: The time should be in addition displayed in the lobby or a countdown.
    Yes, we agree that it would make sense to integrate a countdown. Perhaps show the game world squares earlier together with a countdown. We have it already on our board.

    Road System: Member of a Kingdom can invest in creating "Roads" which will give some benefits for Kingdom movements (merchant, troops, attack to robbers etc.)
    Nice idea. We will keep it in mind.

    Recurring wish:

    New players can’t play like a King / Vice-King / Duke until XX prestige has been achieved.
    Yes, we have it already on our board. New players should not have the option to choose a role in the tutorial. This would also make the tutorial shorter.

    Discord: Sitter/Dual: It should not be possible to add an account as sitter or dual if he hasn’t finished the tutorial and therefore are avatar-less.

    This was implemented with the last lobby update:

  • And i have some more fresh feedback from diferent wishes:

    1. Reports: Possibility to share reports in which you reinforced.

      These reports are intentionally made unavailable to share so that others do not see who has send defense. But as players do it with screenshot anyway, it would make sense to change it. We have added it on our board. No timeframe.

    Reports: Possibility to copy-paste all attacks from the rally point in one click to share with others.
    We have it already on our board. Something like a "copy to clipboard" button per category for this in the rally point might be an option. No time frame yet.

    1. Nicknames: Possibility to reserve the nick for a game world.

      We understand this wish. But it's too much effort to implement it for a small group of players who might use it.

    : Auctions: It should be possible to see the Kingdom name of the highest bidder as well.

    • We are aware of this wish and already have it on our list