Hero's Defense Bonus (Explained)

  • How Hero's defense bonus work?

    This bonus applies to All units from same account that are standing with hero in one village.

    If a player send troops + hero from one village to a target and send more troops from another village to same target, as long as they are with each other this bonus will boost all of them. Any other troop outside this target village gets no bonus.

    In this image, All units from Kitty have full defense bonus from their Hero, Because they are all in one village with hero, no need to come from one village.

    Next post, I will post proofs and battle reports from fixed and controlled environment.

    • Helpful


    1000 Clubswingers attacking, level20, no brewery, no hero.


    2000 Paladins defending, level20, hero level 100+, all attributes full (20% defense bonus), + T3 Paladin hammer, No Residence, No Wall, No Water Ditch.

    Nothing has changed, except once hero and paladins have same home village (coming from same village)

    In other report paladins and hero are from different villages.

    Exact same result shows 20% defense bonus is applied in both cases.

    This is tested on BBash1 (v0.104)