Fire harazd in Travian

  • Hello dear players, I would like to start a discusion about a fire hazard in travian.

    As some of you have noticed that some nations are very weak towards fire. As you can see for example a Gaul with their HAY roofs, or Teuton with their wooden roofs. That is all good and expected in some buildings however once we will get a little deeper and look at one specific building called "Smithy".

    Smithy, a building where a smith works with a fire and a very hot metal one would expect a sturdy overall building which would rarely catch fire. However for my suprise I found a WOODEN floor?! Like hello? Every nation even clever Romans have wooden floor.

    If I am correct then a smithy should be a place, where the fire shouldn´t even reach how fireproof usually smithies are, stone floors, walls our of bricks ect. and here we are looking at a Gaul´s smithy with a HAY roof?!

    Please, fix it. We don´t want our villages to be burned down while upgrading our troop´s equipment.

    Thank you for your time.