Welcome to COM3- August 2022

  • Dear players,

    It is time to sharpen your swords, gather your friends and jump into action on the new COM3 game round!

    Many kingdoms will be battling for glory and domination, but can you prevail?

    You are invited to search for fellow players in this thread: Matchmaking

    Don't hesitate to share your journey with us in this very thread.

    Should you have any questions about the game, please address them in our General section

    And you can as well join us in Discord in this link.

    • World start: August 30th at 2:00 pm UTC +2
    • Game version: standard
    • Beginner's protection: 7 days or until you reach a population of 200 in total
    • Vacation days: Up to 14 days, countdown in advance is 48 hours
    • Kingdom Unions: Available after 30 days
    • Tier 2 and Tier 3 items: the fancier items will appear on day 40 and day 80
    • World Wonder activation: On day 111--> 19/12/2022
    • approx. game round duration: 5-6 months

    We wish you loyal allies and glorious victories!

    The Travian Kingdoms team.

  • Discord is broken

    ¿Qué es el Travian sino estampar y volver a sacar más tropas?

    Ganar o perder... esa no es la cuestión; estrategia, honor, lealtad y objetividad: esa sí es la cuestión.

    Krlas-Club, desde 2009 en Travian :evil:

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    Dear players,

    On Tuesday, August 30th, at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC+2), we are rolling out an update on all live game worlds.

    The downtime will last less than 20 minutes. Please plan your troops' crop consumption accordingly.


    When you have the vacation mode enabled, the NPC trader is already disabled. Now, we go a step further. During vacation, it won't be possible to buy or sell resources. Please test this new restriction and confirm in a comment if it works as intended for you.


    From Tuesday, August 30th onwards, all new game worlds will start with the game version 0.104. The first live game worlds will be COM3 and ES3x3, starting at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC+2) that day.

    The Healing Tent

    Some of you might recognize it from the Birthday Bash worlds – this new building is now coming to all new game worlds.

    In a nutshell:

    Wounded infantry and cavalry can be healed in the Healing Tent. Higher levels reduce the healing time and increase the capacity for wounded troops. You can build multiple tents in one village.


    • Main Building level 10
    • Academy level 15

    If a level 20 Healing Tent already exists in the village, you can build additional Healing Tents to increase their capacity. They do not increase healing speed or allow more troops to be healed simultaneously.

    The Healing Tent will get its own spot on the menu on the top left next to the Workshop.

    For more details about this new building, visit the dedicated Knowledge Base article:

    You can also find the requirements and the description in the in-game help in Buildings > Military > Healing Tent.

    Bandages versus the Healing Tent

    All units can be healed Only units from (Great) Barracks and (Great) Stables

    Excluded troops: Workshop units, troops that are not researched, Settlers, Chieftains, animals, and heroes
    Heal 25 to 38% of defeated troops (given enough Bandages) Heal up to 40% of defeated troops (given enough capacity)
    Timing: units return in 24 h/speed Timing: based on default troop training time and Healing Tent level
    Healed troops are considered returning troops and can't be attacked Healed troops are present in the tent and can be destroyed with the building
    Resources: healing is free but consumes Bandages Resources: healing costs are 50% of the original troop costs
    Uneven troop numbers: low-tier units first Uneven troop numbers: high-tier units first
    Crop consumption of healed troops is 100% while they return Crop consumption is 50% while they are not being healed and 0% while being healed

    Healing Tent in Travian Kingdoms versus the Hospital in Travian: Legends

    Limited capacity No capacity
    Mix of instant and movement for wounded troops to arrive Wounded troops instantly arrive in the Hospital in all cases
    Crop consumption and starvation active No crop consumption/starvation, but 10% of troops die every day
    Reduced healing costs Healing costs identical to Barracks/Stables
    Healing Tent destroyed: healing queue and troops lost Hospital destroyed: healing queue continues and troops are not lost
    No healing time reduction other than level reductions Healing time reduced by 50% in addition to level reductions


    • To keep the Healing Tents safer in the capital villages, the Stonemason's Lodge becomes more important
    • More relevant targets for Catapults, with changes in def and off strategies
    • Decisions become more meaningful

    Bug Fixes

    • Robber Camp: While having the village detail screen of a Robber Camp open, new incoming attacks weren't shown. This is fixed now, and you will be informed about new attacks even if you have the detail screen still open.
    • Report: Shared attack reports from black secret societies showed the wrong header sometimes. This is now fixed
    • Report: When sharing defense reports with the kingdom, information about supporting troops was shared. This is not the case anymore. Now only the type of defending troops of the village owner is shown. As before, the number of troops is masked by a "?".
    • WW: Troops in Wonders of the World consume half the crop. As soon as these troops are sent back to their home village, their crop consumption will return to the full rate. Now this includes the return trip.

    Have you played on the Birthday Bash worlds and tried out this new building already, or will the next round be the first one for you and the Healing Tent? Be aware that we have implemented some player feedback since then, for example, a "Heal all" button. <3

    Sharpen your swords and have fun playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Dear players,

    With the next update [link] we will close the registration for all running game worlds when the tier 2 items appear. Due to this, this game world com3 will be closed for registration on 18/11/2022 13:00:00

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team