Theory crafting Idea for "Smaller Kingdoms"

  • Had a thought about reducing Kingdom sizes & I feel it's definitely something we all should be considering with current server numbers as they are, having smaller kingdoms could/should bring in more teams in to contention for the endgame & stop it just being 2 or 3 teams fighting & merging. Also smaller Kingdoms means there would be a chance for some New Kingdoms & Teams to also have a chance at forming (we need some new teams for sure)

    So, What if ... the Max Kingdom size was limited to 5% of the server numbers?

    & also if servers were closed from recruitment a lot earlier than WW spawning?

    If 2000k accounts spawn then Max kingdom size would be 100 players

    or at 3000k accounts max would be 150 players.

    This way as player numbers dropped over the duration (as they do) the max recruitment number would also drop & this would not be easily fixed after early game by spawning in multi accounts & friendly farms, because the server would be closed already.

    So more focus would have to be on recruiting wisely & keeping a team together & not just endlessly recruiting until WW's time arrived.

    Maybe as soon as a new server opens, the current one is closed for starting new accounts?

    or it could happen around 1/3 way through the server?

    As after that it's not really viable to join & catch up in terms of troops or gameplay.

    (I know it would not stop wings & meta actions)

    but it might help discourage some of it & also stop some bullying of those 300 player kingdoms, as they would never be able to get everyone into the "main kingdom" so the "you can join us later" offer would no longer be on the table.

    The closing of servers earlier would also tackle some of the MA menhir abuse that we all see happening & not being easily dealt with, because of well "friendly farm" rules.

    I have played many servers & can categorically say the endgames are much more thrilling when there is no obvious winner until the last days & sometimes hours of a server.

    Thoughts please?

    (lets have a good discussion about it)

  • Players can create METAs with alliances, so limiting isn't a solution. While a kingdom wins, others won't get medals, but that's how it works in Legends, too.

    META-1 : Main kingdom and gets medal


  • Players can create METAs with alliances, so limiting isn't a solution.

    Yeah I mentioned it won't stop the "meta"

    That as always been in travian though, even back in the historic versions.

    it doesn't mean they always won though & with no way of making it into the "main kingdom" for the endgame it would mean those players are then just a pawn in someone else's victory.

  • I like the idea of smaller kingdoms and regional politics :)

    I am playing in a big kingdom on 3x while our players are not the best we try to win with size :)

    Having a cap of 60 players would make kingdoms go for more skilled players instead of size.