5 ideas we would like to get commented conversation thread

  • You won't appreciate this answer ..

    I will just help players to don't waste their time reading the source thread.

    Suggestions which will be discussed :

    • New special game worlds

    • Tributes would fit with the small warehouse

    • Emojis in chat

    • Demolishing building give points

    • Longer tutorial

    You can think it's a joke but the staff is really serious, sadly.

    No one of thoses points are related to fair play improvement.
    Heroes on robbers camps to take treasures has been skipped, we can guess for which reason but it would be again a lost time.

    How about really improve the game ?

  • Each of the requests were made by a player in either here ( forum) or discord.

    The list is not final, there are a LOT of things that will also go there, and will keep on adding new feedback regularly.

  • The problem isn't that another player than me asked, the problem is when we compare what will be discussed and what won't.

    When the comparaison have been made we can guess what will be in the future and what won't.

  • Again, I will be adding feedback as i get it, it does not mean that we prioritize some issues over others or that some issues are not being discussed.

    I like the gradually adding of feedback, thanks. Gives us insight.

    My thoughts for now:

    - Menhir : Are you sure it can be restricted somehow? ( ppl with workshop/catas/rams/chiefs cant menhir for example). 1 village 3 chief villages that menhir around do exist.

    - The raiding restriction suggestion also applies for people who -> leave kingdom -> get farmed -> rejoin -> repeat.

    - Expand rally point incoming attacks/other movements. If you have 40+ attacks incoming, 3 attacks per page gets annoying.

    - Statistics: I think this one really shudnt be that hard, as you can also track troops that got lost deffing a SS. Show how much troops you made in the total round of all kinds.

    - Please think about 1 special server for HaHu/BBash

    Small changes that are quite easily implementable are always welcome.

    Keep the feedback coming bbash-handshake

  • Can you definitely please keep asking/looking for a solution to friendly farming menhir res, or making menhir res not farmable, Thanks :)

    An idea for special server

    Fields of Gold (double the amount of croppers on a server) taking away some of the pressure of speed settling

  • Stop to try take help from TravianGames against cheaters, when u see a cheater kingdom don't be coward, don't be puppet for them. If you defeat Travian's best kingdoms(!) several servers in a row, eventually their ego will be destroyed and they will leave the game.


  • Each of the requests were made by a player in either here ( forum) or discord.

    So the chat system is broke to begin with and not very user friendly.

    Instead of fixing it you wish to add options for us to use emojis?????

    Most of the comments I have read complain about the chat being broken. So who is the one and only person who suggested adding emojis to a broke chat system?

    FYI....To those who suggested adding emojis......

    You do know you can hold down your windows key and this key ; at same time and emoji box will pop up allowing you to use any emoji it has in stock.

    This can be done anywhere online you can post including this forum. So why ask Travian to do something that may cause even more problems in a chat that is broke to begin with????


    EDIT....I have went back through these 2 threads...............

    I have also strolled through the different chats in Kingdoms Discord(which stuff is hard to find there).

    I have found no post or player who suggested adding emojis to the broken chat.

    @Belatora....Can you give me the link to the post where this suggestion was made?

  • Re: chat. I think it's important to look at the underlying problem. Instead of travian investing a ton in a chat system, there are many out there already. Most kingdoms use discord anyways. Maybe the solution is to work with an existing tool instead of updating or patching an internally developed system that would require a ton of time.

    Really should be approach of all ideas proposed. Understand why the suggestion was made (the real problem) and address that instead of just following a solution.

  • About menhir: Why no menhir? Before we had the menhir, we had severe issues beforehand like players deleting themselves and creating a new avatar just because they didn't like their starting pile. And it was hard to move to a more active kingdom if you didn't know the correct steps on how to get rid of your spawn village. etc.

    Most do not have anything else against menhir except it is used to move multies who make fields menhir in, get farmed for their res piles, menhir out or menhirring triple chief village

  • I. Stolen goods: I really like this mechanic, it lets casual/free to play player catch up to top tier accounts. Smaller smaller have 5 full develope vilages + capitol with 14lvl fields while top 10 players might have 12 develeoped vill + capitol 17 lvl fields, so smaller player selling tresures getting bigger value becouse his account production is lower. Also if you register later into the game you can easily develope and take part in midgame fights becouse resources gain via tresures will be sufficient or even excessive to develope a village, but id like to change a few things about them:

    1) Id like to chose redistribution of resources. I decided to start my jurney as a free to play account as a ghaul deff and i got extra iron roll on my tresure and i feel miserable. Phalanxes and druids needs 2 time more clay/wood to tran than iron so i have already iron oveflowing but now i laso have extra iron overflowing becouse of impropiate ressourcess roll in chests. You can say hey use market and trade your iron to glay/wood with other people, but i can not becouse people dont need it. Early game most pople playing teutons off ( they train only maces so they have overflowing iron too) rome off ( early game they relying eiquites imperatoris EI so they have otherflowing irons too, they start add centurions mid-lategame) and ghauls deff so they have same problem as me :).

    a)Id like to make tresures extra resources roll class dependent, if you are rome-iron tuton-wood ghaul-clay

    b)people chose which extra res they want to got vie tresures when they chose king/gov position>if gov which res you want to get extra via tresures.

    2)As i told before stolen goods are good catch up mechanic, but robber camps are completly opposite. Most active players have biggest armies so they can attack several camps at once (they split armies) also they are often online when robbers spawns so they are biggest beneficients. Casuals feels miserable becouse they have to wait several hour for robber spawn but they cant dedicate so much time playing the game, also they lose willingness to play the game becouse they cant take part in core mechanics of the game (considering how valuable tresures are ) so they feel they cant fully develope. No matter which kingdom im playing the rules are the same: attack no raids, 3 camps per player, no splitting armies, if all wave of the camp are attack dont send any additional attacksto cut you teammates. Mobile version doent show how many attacks were send to fight robber camps so mibile users often send they troops even if there is 4 wave in camp and 4 attack already incoming. It leads to miscommunication and popele feel cheated by teammates. Some pople using brower version cutting other poeple too and hey say they clear camps using mobile version just to take tresures. Same thing repeats 2-3 times and then teutons take everything becouse they have cheap maces so they can split they offs to hit as many camps as they wwant to, untill midgame when Ei and GT outspeed them. Mid-lategame only Ei and GT users has any chance to attack a camp becouse of they spped/attack value, teutons can only hit the closest camps.
    This lead to unhealthy situaction when poeple have to wait in front of computer for robber camp spawn. If you are late by 20 min you wont get any tresures (considering how fast GT and EI are), and if you keep missing the robber spawns you will be behind considering how valuable tresures are.

    a)Attack on robber camp can only be attack with Heroand army (no more splitting) + id like to reduce number of tresures in camps(they are giving too much ressources Considering how easily they can be done)

  • CAMPS - No hero needed. Just change the mechanics so a player can only choose the "ATTACK' option.

    I think this is about an easy of a fix as you can get.

    In the game now....

    You cannot lay siege unless 1K troops and a ram.

    Sitters can only send as a raid.

    Scouts sent by themselves can only go as a reinforcement or scout.

    There are many other references we could list but the game already has restrictions in place for various options of attacking.

    Simply make it that a player HAS TO choose the ATTACK option.

    @Belatora....Curious as to the post made by someone about adding emojis into the chat system. I asked in my previous post here but seems you glossed over it while answering the poster before and after me. I would like to see the post and how many people supported it. Right now it seems it is the Travian Developers wanting to add this in and you giving credit to whoever the player is who suggested it.

  • Players will use menhir to chief other villages, hammer limitation isn't enough. Menhir should only be used by players looking for a kingdom and usually a player decides to enter a kingdom after playing for 3 days.

    Kingdom: Restrictions on raiding resources between kingdom members.

    We already have some restrictions: https://support.kingdoms.com/e…44402-raiding-limitations

    Developers can check my topic named as What should you do if admins wiped out your hammers? (Balanced and confirmed its legal by CSR). Players can kick a real player or a friend to farm him resources. Restrictions on raiding resources between kingdom members aren't enough. We need new restrictions. A kingdom can't chief his former member before 3 days, so a kingdom shouldn't farm a former member before 3 days.

    I have gotten some more feedback on other wishes and issues you guys have asked either on the forum or on discord and i thought you guys would like to have:

    1. Tutorial: The first part of the tutorial should be longer to offer more explanations about kingdoms and some other important topics.

      Thank you for the suggestions. We will consider this if we rework the tutorial.

    This also makes it somewhat difficult to open bot accounts or multi accounts.

    I have gotten some more feedback on other wishes and issues you guys have asked either on the forum or on discord and i thought you guys would like to have:

    1. Game worlds: Merge Travian: Legends and Travian Kingdoms to have more players in one game round.

      Even if a lot features are the same or similar, the games are nevertheless very different. Due to this a complete merge is not an option. But one lobby for both games would be a nice to have. We can't promise anything but we are currently checking the possibilities.

    But you can think to open more COM servers instead of local servers. You can close some local servers and send authorized people there to help COM. So you have more employees to fight against cheating on crowded COM servers. The decreasing number of players will be felt a little less thanks to the decrease in the number of local servers.

    1. Treasury: Show Countdown after start of activation of a treasury.

      Good idea, we have added it to our board. No timeframe.

    The game already has this mechanic ?

    1. Inactive villages: Militia units in inactive villages to avoid micro farming.
      • For every 300 (or so) accumulated resources in an inactive village a weak militia unit (25/25 defence) appears. So farming is no free real estate anymore, but that loot is being protected.
      • This way farm list armies need to be bigger, which means less of them will walk at lower frequencies, which means less active players do have a chance to get their eyes on some bountiful village. Encourages spying, attacking, looting. Earns a victory and a cheerful player.
      • Even from a "lore" perspective it would make sense for villagers to start defending themselves. And their harvest.
      • And to avoid huge militas cap the spawning when the storage is full. Or gradually increase the resource requirements to slow it down. Like 300 for the 1st unit, 350 for the 2nd, 400 for the 3rd and so forth.
      • It's also a nice extra experience source.
      We have added it on our Board. Example idea instead of units: grey villages could become NPC, conquerable or settleable.

    Do you really want to make spike a mechanic of the game? I know that spikers are few, and most people don't like them. Such methods increase multi farms. If it gets harder to plunder the gray villages, everyone starts a small friend farm. We are already in trouble with friend farms ...

    1. : Rally point: Hide fake attacks in rally point. Give an option to players to 'hide the fake' in their rally point. If you as a player can analyse an attack as 'fake' by seeing the troop type through high enough rally point / looking glass. You should be able to 'hide' this incoming attack, so kingdom doesn't keep seeing this fake as a possible attack.

      That's a good idea. We have added it on our board.

    Sometimes, there are those who make a fake attack even with 1 soldier as a matter of strategy, so that your opponent gets confused and gets tired while analyzing. Other than that, there are those who are not careful and cannot see that the opponent is coming with a fake soldier. Players should analyze this, trying to make everything easy is not a good thing.

  • So they become as strong as Natars, but the villages are less interesting to chief.

    What is the project ?

    Earn a victory on a player who will never ask any def is same as an active solo player, it's a nonsense.. Just attack it every days to get off points with no risks at all, what a cheerful player :D

    Very bad suggestion from a player not able to make points on active players with a team.

    But it will annoy enough players, so it will be added 100% sure.

  • We should be able to skip the tutorial too, chose the name and the location is enough for experienced players.

    After over 20 servers we are able to build a barracks, wall and find robbers, I think.

    It's like having someone waiting you next to your car every morning to teach you again and again driving your own car each time you go somewhere, it's useless.

    I don't know if it would make it sweeter for some starts, especially on the COM or the special game worlds where there is a lot more players starting than on regionals.

    But F5 for F5, at least we would be F5ing quicker in the game than at the tutorial.

  • Without tutorial, you'll meet with bot accounts in everywhere.