5 ideas we would like to get commented conversation thread

  • there are some really cool ideas on this list. if you have more, by all means, do list them so I can send them in

  • Bellatora Please stop asking for new ideas. If you want to change something, just look to the past. All ideas have already been given since 6 years ago.

  • So, I was wandering why should speed server suffer the same pain as every other server? I know, that 7 day trading ban is nessesary to avoid early game boost via multiaccs, but why should x5 server have this feature as well? I don't want this feature to be complety removed, but I would like to see it change. For example if it will be changed for idk like 2 days? Because it will not change anything, if players want to trade in a early stage game, they will just sent their resources to their second or third villages and let the other player rob it, and then the player will rob his village as well. If you will keep these 7 days that's 1/5 of the whole server. Most of the players wants to trade with other players from the kingdom, but they cannot because of the market. Even x3 servers have this feature which is not addapted to the speed of the server.

  • Herkese selam.

    Bir soru ile başlamak istiyorum.

    Bir şehirde bir hastane ve burada 5 tane iç hastalıkları polikliniği ve 5 uzman doktor ile hemşireler var. Bu 5 poliklinikte aynı anda 1 hastaya mı yoksa 5 hastaya mı bakılır? Cevabınız 5 hasta ise, bu oyunda 2 şifa çadırı kurduğum halde, neden, aynı anda sadece 1 asker iyileştiriliyor? Sizce de mantıksız değil mi?

    Hello everyone.
    I want to start with a question.
    There is a hospital in a city and there are 5 internal medicine outpatient clinics and 5 specialist doctors and nurses. Are 1 or 5 patients treated at the same time in these 5 outpatient clinics? If your answer is 5 patients, why is only 1 soldier being healed at a time, even though I have set up 2 healing tents in this game? Don't you think it's unreasonable? (Google Translate)
  • Hey Colossus#TR

    You can find the full information on the healing tent here.

    A quick answer to your question is this:

    Regardless of the number of healing tents, there is only one queue. Building additional healing tents will not create multiple queues, it only creates more capacity.

    Your healing time will be influenced by the highest level healing tent in your village. For example, if you have 5 healing tents. 1 is level 20, and 4 are level 10, all troops will be healed at level 20 speed (which is the same speed as a level 20 Barracks or Stable for the same troop type).