Gray Village

  • Hello,

    I will talk about the game-related issue, which perhaps many people have trouble with, in the following articles.

    1- Why inactive players become a gray village. Why can everyone know that these villages are looting villages and loot? (In the mechanics of the game, a player cuts another player's soldier and makes a loot village for himself. He works hard while making a loot village for himself. He loses soldiers. This person, who made a loot village for himself, turns into a gray village when he does not enter the game for 3-5 days and becomes a loot village for everyone.) Why?

    2- Let's say inactive players turn into gray village. Why can these villages be supported? The definition of gray village is inactive player. Why are you allowing the inactive player to be supported? A situation that hinders players who enjoy looting. Why are natars not supported then? Or have the soldiers return as soon as the gray villages are supported like natars.