Welcome to COM4 - September 2022

  • Dear players,

    With the next update [link]we will close the registration for all running game worlds when the tier 2 items appear. Due to this, this game world Com 4 will be closed for registration on 09/12/2022

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I would like to place a formal complaint that Basics has destroyed Darkness. Now what am I doing to do with my Def? :(

    Darkness seems to have thought a 200 member meta including wings would save them, but suffer from lack of skills. Doesn't mean they won't lash out in anger at anyone who didn't join them so keep training that def :D

  • Даркнесс, кажется, думал, что мета из 200 человек, включая крылья, спасет их, но страдает от недостатка навыков. Это не значит, что они не будут злиться на тех, кто к ним не присоединился, так что продолжайте тренировать эту защиту.:D

    Sorry, we didn't know that third-party software is a new meta)))) Travian's defense is lame

  • Hey there,

    Just wanted to share a few screenshots and updates from the last month.

    The 12th of December started with Darkness having a very solid lead. We knew that something needed to happen in short order for the gameworld to stay interesting and competitive.

    After a lot of deliberation and planning Basics Offense Team put together a fantastic plan that was quite bold. Luckily - it paid off.


    This really shifted the dynamics of the gameworld and made it a lot more interesting. It took us 84 days to get started, but it was well worth the wait.

    Since this time both teams have been sparring quite a bit. In addition to having an excellent offensive group - Basics is lucky to have effective defenders and defense coordinators.

    The communication and planning that has gone into this gameworld has taken quite a bit of work, but it has been a lot of fun. We got a late start offensively. However, we are making up for it in the back half.

    Wonder of the Worlds are a week away and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the gameworld plays out. I've greatly enjoyed this group of players and their dedication to game. I appreciate the competition that we've had so far on this gameworld. It has made it all extremely memorable.

    We are now at Day 105 of the gameworld. Here are some general stats and screenshots from today.

    There is still a lot of Gameworld left to play!
    Thanks to all who have contributed to this round.


  • How many times do I play with the dark ones, and it's always the same, from round to round. But I warned at the very beginning - don't go to the center, get bogged down there

    in a battle with all the teams, as always...

    I hear ya, it's tough at the top though, but really all teams are against all teams aren't they?

    curious to know how many Naps & CPs are in place at Darkness

    could you share your internals page for us to see?

  • Amazing update! thank you for the information! <3