Kingdom Positions

  • Nonsense. If you think i will believe your Robber Camps contain 5k treasures each, they spawn each 24 hours and then your whole Kingdom got only few tens of thousands of Resource total if even that, think again.

    Again. Stop asking questions if you aren't going to actually listen or have a productive response.
    These players have gone out of their way to try and help you understand the game despite your rude and condescending way of writing. If what you said was true, this whole forum is just full of liars who don't know anything. So, I'm not sure why you persist to ask this community questions if you're not willing to engage with them in a productive way.

    iribuya in their screenshot showed you two screenshots. The first screenshot was of 51 camps. Then another that showed one of those camps that was already on third wave with 70 treasures. Even if all camps only had 1 wave (which they don't) and each had 70 stolen goods - that would be 3,570 treasures. Camps will have between 2-5 waves per camp.

    I have no idea what the second part of this sentence even means. Iribuya's math in their post is correct when they said the resource impact could be around 125,000,000, that is not incorrect. That is how the game works. The more treasures you have = the greater the resource reward.

  • Its not fun anymore, you broke your promise.

    Yeah sure, but the whole point is misgiven. No Kingdom would want to lose that kind of income. You must think me crazy.

    Crazy as someone who Menhirs new players on their Kingdom in the end game. What will they accomplish, nothing. The time to do it is when the server starts. Everyone knows that.

    That is one of the first things you encounter in this game. I first thought they were the World Wonders, but then i learnt that they are the Teleporters.

    I dont exactly understand what you people are doing. If all these messages would be Applications we would have a Kingdom already. Now we have only DrugsInc and he aint even very strong.

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  • There cannot be anyone who seriously will clam, that having a Bandit Camp gives you more utility than a Governor.

    The thing is that camps help governors become better can either choose quantity or quality. So which is it, just 10 more governors with the price of everyone having to struggle more to get things going, while some of those 10 extra might be actually spies and saboteurs. Or the core team gets better development and heavier hitters.

  • You downplay my Governors ?

    You think just anyone can get in ? Well, maybe you could, but not anyone.

    And besides, if you want to spy on my team, you better make an application now, as the seats are limited.

    This is not just any Kingdom. This is the one that wins every time.

    Not because of me, but because it has the best Governors.

    And as for the development. I highly recommend to start as soon as the server starts, otherwise you get left behind.

    And thats right. Everyone always looks forward what i come up with. So you might just safe you the trouble and join.

    (Spoken like someone from a team with not enough Governors. I know its hard, but you dont have to pour it on me)

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  • How can i change my name to IstoBEST. When you Meme me, i want it to say IstoBEST.

    Actually, if you could change it in those old Memes too.

    I wont force you to, but it would be nice.

    So guess its that for today then.

    When i wake up, i dont know do i have it in me to answer anymore. This is getting ridiculous.

    Maybe little boys went to sleep i dont know. You sure you are not going to be Attacked at Night ?

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