[HaHu 2022] New Achievements

  • Dear Halloween Hunters,

    The answer to last week's question is: there will be 25 new special achievements! Congratulations to everyone who guessed it correctly.

    Last week, we revealed that there are 5 new Halloween Masks coming. In total, there are 25 Halloween Masks now. Does that number sound familiar? :/Coincidence? No.


    Each Halloween Mask has its own achievement! And yes, that means you must wear a specific mask while doing a particular task to get one of these special achievements. It's not always the same task, and it's always another mask. These special achievements are only available on Halloween Hunt worlds.


    Most of them have one thing in common: you must repeat a specific action several times. Whenever you've done something for one of these new special achievements, you will find the name, the description texts and total amount of needed repetitions together with a progress bar in the lobby achievement list, but not yet the badge itself. Both the name and the description might help you figure out how to get this achievement. Only actions done on a Halloween Hunt world will count towards the progress.

    Well, and then there are some new special achievements that don't have a progress bar.

    We will, however, share hints on several channels: in the in-game chat rooms, Discord, Facebook, and even here in the forum. More about the hints, and the forum contest around them, will be shared next week.

    Can you guess which masks are connected to the achievements in this sneak peek?

    Sometimes, every day feels like Friday...

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


  • Yeah I found in several servers players were encouraging others to vote for 25. But the way that threads 'vote' is posted it's a question of how many you THINK there will be. Not how many do you wish will be there.

    Indeed, otherwise why there is not 100% of the max amount ? ^^

    Nobody will ask less achievements, it makes no sense.

  • Congratulations to the members of the Dothraki kingdoms and the friendly kingdoms, where I asked for help so that we could succeed in this vote.

    Thank you for answering the call and voting en masse.



    Yeah I found in several servers players were encouraging others to vote for 25.

    That was awesome! :love: Thank you all for your commitment and sharing your excitement about the new achievements!

    btw: there might be the first hint on how to get one of them hidden in the announcement above 8)

    trick & treat Oct 4

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