[HaHu 2022] Achievement Hunt

  • TALOSCOLNAGO#IT Everybody is going on about that "max sound level " stuff.
    Then how its possible that i got the Phantom achievement without ever having any sound at highest level In my case the loading bar did not start.

    In my case only wiht mask and party the "loading bar" did not start.

    I did 2 things.

    Volume of everething at highest level and start a second party.

    And the "loading bar" starts.

    I thought it was the volume.


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  • Masks need to stay on till the achievement is complete. You can change masks back and forth to do other things but the mask must be on before the action has landed, and or has been completed.

    These masks must be on before they land for the numbers to increase.

    Cyborg, 100+spots away from home to landing on village/oasis

    Devil, collecting silver from daily quests, NOT open quests

    Mummy, any robbers + hero + any bandage

    Cyclops, scouting

    Vampire, kill 20k enemy troops NOT robbers

    Hockey, with your hero kill 13 enemy heroes

    Miniator, kill 1k robbers + Horn of Natar

    Scary Clown, completely destroys a town with celebration running

    Groucho glasses, Defend against scouting

    Caped Skull, destroy 60 levels of walls and buildings + hero

    Sea Monster, free 666 from Gaul traps

    All need to be on just before they are completed. Just placing them in the queue won't count till they are finished. It's best to use these on new villages when you can speed-build the fields.

    Dryad for wood,

    Iron Head Dress for Iron,

    Scarecrow for crops,

    All need cages + a hero, need to be on before they land. If there are multiple animals in the oasis, the mask will only count for that specific animal but spiders and bats will add to the community's total for both servers.

    Werewolf, for 500 wolves,

    Hannibal, for 500 spiders,

    Medusa, for 500 snakes:

    Need to have the mask on before you start the action.

    Frankenstein, for 6666 troops in healing tent,

    Goblin, selling 250 treasures

    Venetian, for 20 celebrations,

    Wizard/Witch hat, 10 troop research in Academy

    Masterful Surgeon, exact troop capacity in healing tent level

    Pumpkinhead, upgrade any 50 troops

    Phantom of the Opera, music volume max for 8hrs. + celebration

    (still debatable on maxed volume) The time goes on and off when you change the mask for doing someother action.

    Flower, defense in WW ? (not available till open)

    Hope this helps! 😁😝😎

  • Now I am confused with the cyborg.. is it precise 100 square or 100+ square? XD

    Still didn't get it with attack 100square away.. will try again

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  • WAYNE You need to free 666 Troops that are trapped, while attacking with your hero wearing the seamonster mask.
    So you must attack the village were the troops are trapped and win.
    It doenst matter how many Troops survive, the ones dying in the freeing process count as well.

  • If there are more than 666 Troops trapped in traps and you free them with a normal attack while wearing the mask, you get the achievement.

    Your own troops work as well. If someone has lvl 9 Trapper (670 traps) and you attack him with 671 troops + hero, you'll get it. This is easier if you have someone helping you with it, so you can minimize the lost troops.

  • The point is, you have to attack the village were the troops are traped and to win the fight, so that they get set free.
    Just trapping troops as gaul and letting them free by yourself wont work.
    But it doesnt seem to be of importance to whom the troops belong.
    in short :
    1.Find any troops that are traped in some gauls traps.

    2. Free those troops by attacking the village
    repeat until 666 untis are freed