Launch of TK-Tools: worthy successor of Gettertools?

  • Hello to all readers,

    After 2 years of hard work, he is finally mature enough and he is ready to show himself (he is a bit shy). We have the great pleasure to present you :


    Created in November 2020 for the LC team by HartyShow (developer and designer, but very little graphic designer ;() and Pelite (co-designer and tester), TK-Tools was originally just a tool for creating offensive plans. At that time, as Gettertools users ourselves, we were looking for an easier and faster way to design offensive plans on a more modern and practical interface. Always in search of optimization, it gradually became a complete project (and more and more complete every day) that we want today to make accessible to all the Travian community.

    With a dozen servers to his credit, TK-Tools knew how to please his beta-testers. All the teams having used it decided to continue to use it on their next servers. TK-Tools has now reached a sufficiently stable and complete version and that's why we are presenting it to you today.

    Please note that we are French, so the translation may not be perfect. The French version of this post was published a few hours ago at this address : Lancement de TK-Tools : digne successeur de Gettertools ?.

    What exactly is TK-Tools?

    TK-Tools is a website containing an extremely complete set of tools helping every kingdom to organize and optimize itself using as few external tools as possible. Tired of juggling a Gettertools, several spreadsheets and several other online documents? TK-Tools provides everything you need in one place!

    How does it differ from the famous and ancestral Gettertools?

    For the past 15 years, Gettertools has been a staple in kingdom management. As the game and team strategies evolve, it is now outdated in terms of functionalities and outmoded in terms of interfaces.

    TK-Tools presents itself as a more modern alternative, adapted to current strategies. It is more oriented towards team management and grouped actions. It includes many tools that feed off each other, both useful for group operations and for daily administration.

    The diversity of the calculators is not yet very rich but makes our future goals.

    What are the strengths of TK-Tools?

    First of all: TK-Tools is intuitive, simple to use and easy to interface. As you can probably see from the logo at the beginning of this post, we are not graphic designers and we believe that "the best is the enemy of the good" (P. Etchebest - 2016). The watchword is therefore simplicity.

    :swordsman::imperian::clubswinger: Offensive management   :clubswinger::imperian::swordsman:

    Creating quick and easy offensive plans:

    First of all, it is possible to create several offensive plans at the same time and to duplicate past plans. There are three key steps to creating a plan:

    • the choice of attacking kingdoms and players and targets,
    • the assignment of attackers to targets, which can be done automatically,
    • the management of the orders of passage and the details of the waves.

    The interface is colorful and allows you to quickly see the available players as well as the content of each attack (type of attack, with or without off, with or without heroes, with or without siege, ...). In addition, there is a lot of information to quickly identify errors and imbalances in your conception.

    Easier visualization of offensive plans:

    Three different views are available to analyze your operation and detect the slightest flaw or error: a classic summary table, a strategic table and a detailed view by attacker. All the information and colors will allow you once again to quickly track down the slightest inattention.

    Complete offensive planner:

    The planner is also very colorful and structured to present information in an efficient, concise and very complete way. Your players can confirm/confirm their availability for each attack before the day of the attack and once the attack is over, confirm/confirm the actual attack.

    :spearfighter::praetorian: :phalanx: Defensive management  :phalanx::praetorian::spearfighter:

    Subcontracting rights to sitters and managers:

    Sitters are important in TK-Tools, they have non-negligible rights on the co-managed account. They can declare their attacks, update their troops, participate in defenses, generate spies (via counter spy plans) and consult their planner (only defensive sendings and spies). Team leaders also have all these rights and more for all other team members.

    Facilitated attack(s) declaration and team declaration analysis:

    On TK-Tools, all players (and their sitters) can declare their attacks manually or by copy/paste from the Rally Point. Entering a launch time for each attack provides a reliable estimate of the attacker's movement speed and Tournament Square.

    All the statements of the players of a team are then listed with three different views: by target, by attacker and by strategic view. The aim is to facilitate the analysis by the managers. It is possible to insert notes and opinions to keep a history of analyses and threads of thoughts.

    Counter spy plans to recover valuable information:

    The analysis of statements can be greatly facilitated by setting up counter spies. The principle is simple: first, all attackers and potential targets must be captured with their estimated times of impact, travel speeds and Tournament Square levels (thanks to the attack declarations).

    Then, team members can generate their spy plan, which is designed to intercept opposing armies seconds before they are sent to each of the potential targets: lots of "potential" but caution is advised in these situations! Keeping an eye on the XP of the heroes to know at what times the heroes were or were not present in the attacking villages and thus get clues about fakes and real attacks.

    Defense request management:

    You can create defense requests by specifying the target to be defended, the arrival time and some other parameters. In response, members can easily see which villages they (or their sitters) can and at what speeds. They can then enter the number of units sent to create an alert in their planner.

    Full defensive/spy planner:

    On TK-Tools, the planner is not just for attackers; defenders and spies also have entries on their planner with all the necessary details as well as alarms so they don't miss their sendings. For spies, there is also a confirmation/infirmation system for shipments to inform leaders of the progress of counter spy plans.

    (Continuation and end in the message below)

  • 💡💡💡 Utilities 💡💡💡

    The army estimator:

    The army estimator not only keeps track of the opposing armies but also provides a minimum/maximum estimate of these same armies at the present time. The way it works is rather trivial: from a troop distribution provided at a time T, the system extrapolates the army at a time T+1 keeping the same proportion of each troop. The estimation of the opposing armies will allow you to proportion your defensive walls or your offensive openers with great precision!

    The RC-library:

    This feature allows you to save battle reports (via copy/paste or manual entry) but also to share them with a TK-Tools account or a complete team. It is also possible to import reports in the army estimator: very useful to chain the imports of spy reports or offensive armies seen during a defensive operation.

    Easier management and analysis of player availability:

    Having players in your kingdom is good, having them be proven warriors is better! TK-Tools allows each player to provide his availability for the current week and the next. These availabilities are then presented in a day by day table with a set of very precise filters to consult only the players you are interested in (e.g.: only see the defensive players, or only those with more than two chiefs, ...). The information on your forces at a given time will be very easy to obtain and you will gain in efficiency.

    Discord bot integration:

    This feature made its appearance recently and promises to be developed further in the future. The Discord bot makes communication within your team easier. No more tedious tasks to contact :

    • all offensive players to tell them about the release of an offensive plan;
    • all defensive players to inform them about the creation of a defense request;
    • all players who have not updated their troops for too long;
    • all players who have not updated their availability for too long.

    The Discord bot takes care of all this automatically without you having to intervene. All these notifications are of course activable/deactivable and the content of the messages is 100% customizable!

    Advanced team administration:

    Teams are the basis of TK-Tools and many features are only available if you have a team. The invitation system for new members is very easy and convenient: you can either invite players directly or invite entire realms and thus all current and future players of the realm will be automatically invited. No more invitation links that get lost in conversations!

    A lot of work has also been done on the rights management. There are six ranks: guest, member, trusted member, HC, administrator and creator. A table of rights allows you to give access to certain functionalities/information to the desired grades and on the contrary to hide them to certain other grades.

    Another important point: the tool is constantly being improved, all feedback from users is taken into account, prioritized and integrated into new updates. Finally, each feature feeds on the others and vice versa: it's a virtuous circle of information.

    If you would like to have complete presentations and screenshots of these and many other features, please visit

    What are the areas of improvement to date?

    New languages added:

    TK-Tools is currently available in English and in French. We have for ambition to make it available in the main languages of Travian Kingdoms. We will need of course people speaking fluently each language to realize qualitative translations. If you want a translation in your language, do not hesitate to contact us by mail at [email protected] or via Discord: Hartyshow#7073.

    Development of the Discord bot:

    As mentioned above, the Discord bot is recently available on TK-Tools and we would like to develop it further so that it can be more and more useful. New use cases for sending automatic notifications will be created and commands will be created in order to get, for example, an excerpt from one's personal planner when one does not necessarily have access to a computer. Many cases of use in mind, it does not miss more than time to develop them.

    Bible of Travian Kingdoms / Wiki :

    One of the most ambitious projects after TK-Tools itself: a complete repository of knowledge on Travian Kingdoms. As well general tutorials to begin well and understand the game in its totality as specific and very thorough tutorials on certain advanced concepts. The goal is to create a collaborative bible with the experience of a maximum of more or less expert players. It would also make available tutorials well known but always requested at the beginning of each server: the "rush V2", the techniques to mount a cropper, etc...

    Adding calculators:

    Less priority but still in our heads, we will soon develop different calculators for some already available on the internet (on Gettertools, Kirilloid or Engin9tools) and for others created specifically for TK-Tools. The objective is always the same: to propose a complete tool all in one so as not to have to use other external tools.

    Development of a web extension:

    There was talk of developing a web extension which would have been quite a step forward for TK-Tools. We finally found ourselves confronted with the rules of Travian Kingdoms: it is illegal... So project aborted unfortunately


    First of all, a big thank you to all the LC team for having trusted us by launching TK-Tools since its creation and for having taken the risk to face all the launch bugs (lost offensive plans, lack of features, etc...). Special thanks to Nexus, Xeron and Nicoriders who were great testers.

    We also thank the second curtain of testers and especially Mister Pin Guin, Nath and patatefolle who tested TK-Tools for a long time and made a lot of feedbacks.

    Thanks to Tarloc, Darshiva, Nou, MrFreyaxTV, Claddus, Lancelot, Josbar and Ourt for their help.

    Finally, thanks to you for reading this far, it would have been hard to make it shorter! We hope you will enjoy the tool and we are of course open to all suggestions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms. Let's build your ideal tool together!

    You can contact us on Discord: Hartyshow#7073 and Pelite#4542.

    Who do we thank? HartyShow and Pelite 😉

  • Hi, it looks very nice. Looking forward to test it especially the counter-spy feature.

    Just a quick question.
    Imagine, you and your team is playing a server.

    Enemy kingdoms uses this tool too.

    Since you are the creator, you have access to the whole database.

    What will stop you to check enemy kingdom's plans so you could prepare def?

    I guess you have honour, but what if you are getting destroyed hard? Won't you check it even at that time?

    Speaking for myself, I think I will be tempted to check it.

  • Hey Johnny, thank you for this answer and this good question !

    The situation that you describe already happened on one of my servers but I did not think for one second to cheat in this way. My goal today on Travian is not to win servers but to develop TK-Tools to the maximum. The servers that I make are more to notice its defects/qualities than to win a server. And so that TK-Tools can develop and become one day the standard, I must be irreproachable on this level thus I commit myself there 100%.

    Besides, I spent thousands of hours on this project, I would never waste such a work to have information about the opponent.

  • Hey Johnny, thank you for this answer and this good question !

    The situation that you describe already happened on one of my servers but I did not think for one second to cheat in this way. My goal today on Travian is not to win servers but to develop TK-Tools to the maximum. The servers that I make are more to notice its defects/qualities than to win a server. And so that TK-Tools can develop and become one day the standard, I must be irreproachable on this level thus I commit myself there 100%.

    Besides, I spent thousands of hours on this project, I would never waste such a work to have information about the opponent.

    This is exactly what I was thinking.

    I commend you for your approach and dedication and I hope that TK-Tools will become the standard you want it to be.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi! Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

    I would like to report a problem though. I am stuck in the spinning dots with the following message.

    Récupération des données de la journée.

    I hope you can look unto it.


  • Facing the same problem. This seems very interesting. The only thing that makes me want to still use GT is that there is no Inactive player finder.

  • Hi NeverMorePH and Coldplay.

    Thank you to report that bug, it's weird. On which server are you (the information is on the top left menu) ? This procedure can take like 20-30s (it's data recuperation from Travians servers).

    Yeah Coldplay this feature is very interesting and it'll come on TK-Tools on future (it's part of tools/calculator improvements point).

    Thank you to both of you :*

  • I am from Treats.

  • Hello everyone, today new update of TK-Tools.

    Detailed release note available here: TK-Tools.

    In short, the changes made:

    • Redesign of the profile popup of the kingdoms
    • Redesign of the data recovery system of Travian Kingdoms
    • Management of the different time zones
    • New page to present the history of the updates of TK-Tools

    Many features have been impacted on this update. If you notice any problem, especially with the time zones and especially with the data recovery (infinite loading for example), MP me directly on Discord : Hartyshow#7073 or by mail : [email protected]

    Thanks to all and have a nice day :)

  • New update on TK-Tools today. Detailed content of the update available here: TK-Tools (French version only).

    In short, the program includes:

    - Complete redesign of the counter-espionage module:

    • New page for the XP of the heroes at the time of the different spies launched.
    • New page specialized in the analysis of the plan
    • Big simplification of the plan creation/modification page

    - Added 4 new languages : Italian, German, Spanish (made with an online translation tool so certainly not perfect) and Swedish (made by Xaquin and Devianced, thanks to them)

    - Added the possibility to make donations via BuyMeACoffee (link available on top of the left menu on TK-Tools)

    Don't hesitate to send me your feedbacks directly on Discord : Hartyshow#7073 or by mail : [email protected] ! Thanks to all and enjoy the new content.