Launch of TK-Tools: worthy successor of Gettertools?

  • I insist on the fact that the request had been taken care of on the same day as the request.

    The deletion of an account on TK-Tools (and as the law indicates) obviously deletes all your personal data. It is available to all in the menu "My account".

    Have a good day :)

  • Hello to all of you,

    Some news about the project. It continues to be developed and the next update will be a set of many adjustments and modifications (already online) and will especially see the appearance of a brand new feature: the coaching.

    Small additional news, after 2 weeks of unavailability, the bot discord is back! There were some hosting problems, so I had to change the host and make all the settings of the latter but now it should be at the top!

    I hope to be able to present you the new update by the end of the year,

    Happy holidays to all :love:

  • Is there an inactive finder yet?

  • Hello,

    Do you guys have any tutorial guides how to set up an operations ?

    Want to try your product with our team after using it on com1x3 with you :)

    Hey, for the off plans there is a "how to" section which explain the basics. With some practices you'll get it, it's quite easy and the shortcuts explained in the how to section are very important. If you have questions you can always ask me directly in PM on discord, I can maybe do a vocal with you to give you the basics. And anyway after a server with my team you'll learn a lot on TKTools and I'll for sure do formations for the ones who wants to come.

    Is there an inactive finder yet?

    Hey lemon, for now there is no utility tools like inactive or crops finders. A new update will soon be online and the next one will focus on utility tools like inactive/crops finders, statistics, ...

    Have a good day 😁

  • Hi everyone, today two wonderful news:

    • first I announce you your Christmas present before time : the new TK-Tools update is out
    • and secondly we have reached the 1000 registered players on TK-Tools :D

    The content of this update is as usual available here TK-Tools (French version only) and for those who don't want to read everything, here is a very short summary:

    1 - a brand new coaching module based on checklists to give you, the coach, maximum flexibility and follow-up but also a lot of simplicity for you, the coachee, to follow your progress. To do this, the module is divided into 4 areas:

    • "Creation" area: to create your checklists and assign them to coaches and coachees
    • "Coach" area: to follow your coachees over time in a detailed way (with a timeline) or more global (with a summary table with multiple filters)
    • "Personal follow-up" area: to consult the checklists assigned to you and report on your progress
    • "Hub" area: to share your checklists with all or part of the TK-Tools community and to search for new ones.

    2 - many small corrections and adjustments on multiple modules, notably counter-espionage with the addition of an interface for recording initial XP before an operation.

    Thank you all for reading and enjoy the new content :D

    Good end of day to all !

  • Hello to all,

    A big month since the last update was a bit much in my opinion. For this update, four new tools (some of them very expected) are introduced:

    - The unit attribute comparison tool

    - The (very complete) troop production calculation tool

    - The croppers finder

    - And the long-awaited: the inactives finder

    Added to that, as always, a few corrections to have modules that are always more stable and complete.

    You can find, as usual, the details of this update here: TK-Tools.

    Enjoy the new content and don't hesitate to give me your feedback, I'm always open to suggestions!

  • Hello everyone, today new update of TK-Tools :D The patch note is as usual available at the following address: TK-Tools.

    In summary, the update is mainly focused on the offensive plans:

    - Added a toolbox visible only when at least one attacker is selected that allows you to perform all actions normally done with keyboard shortcuts.

    - Added a keyboard shortcut to reorganize the selected attackers by time of sending

    - Added a keyboard shortcut to select all attackers

    - Optimized saving and loading time of offensive plans

    - Added a checkbox for each target to enable/disable the automatic addition of a second

    - Added filters on attacked kingdoms

    Added to this several fixes and additions published since several weeks already on the inactive and cereal finder.

    I hope you'll like this new content and especially think to test it well because the conception of offensive plans is critical so it's important to test everything well :D

    Have a nice day :D

  • Hello everyone,

    TK-Tools is becoming more and more popular and it is becoming more and more complex to keep in close contact with all our team leaders and/or active users. One of the big advantages of TK-Tools (which can also be a disadvantage at times) is that it is still under development and that you have the possibility to report problems or give feedback so that they are taken into account very quickly.

    To make the best of this situation, we are finally launching a community discord (◾ TK-Tools ◾) where you will be able to discuss TK-Tools, ask your questions (confidential via the ticket system detailed below or not), give your opinions, receive tips and follow the progress. Events will also be organized for example to follow a training on a specific module or simply to discuss the future of TK-Tools and bring your stone to the building.

    A ticket system has been set up on the server so that you can directly ask for help to the moderators of the server (and nobody else than you and the moderators will see these discussions).

    So don't hesitate any longer and join the TK-Tools community (◾ TK-Tools ◾), we are waiting for you ^^

  • why do we need to use that create access authentication thingy?

    Hi Tiitana, well it's to associate your Travian Kingdoms account to your TK-Tools account. I can't just trust the player when he says "I'm Tiitana", I need to verify that he is the owner of Tiitana account (or a dual). I think that GT has automated this with an agreement with Travian cause it's invisible. Don't hesitate to join us on Discord : ◾ TK-Tools ◾ to get faster responses :D

    Have a good day